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 Post subject: Secondary league tables
PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:24 pm 

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I was wondering whether there was a more recent study than this Sutton Trust report: http://www.suttontrust.com/wp-content/u ... -final.pdf or something similar? It's already 5 years old.

Taking on board some of the comment here, I also started looking at other indicators. This study was good as it also showed admission rates to the top 30 universities. It also showed how some schools need a much bigger grade for their cohorts, suggesting that some schools are much better geared at coaching the kids on maximizing their chances.

In short, are there any recent studies showing top schools (indy, grammar and comp) with:
- usual A level indicators (average grade, grades on academic subjects, % A*-A, etc...)
- admission rates to top 30, Russel Group, Oxbridge
- whether some school need to over/under perform to get admissions (suggesting knowledge or admission bias).
- etc...

Also, I tried to follow on the advice to look for improvement indicators like value add, but I have not been able to find such a league table. Is there a league table showing the biggest value add schools, and then delve into biggest value add schools for low/mid/high attainers?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 1:58 pm 

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Have you looked at the DfE performance tables? They do some of what you want ie value added and splitting results into low, middle and high ability.


It's also allows comparison of GCSE results with 'similar' schools based on intake.

RG and Oxbridge intake is not a good indicator - some courses are not the best at these universities. The RG group does not include some very good unis ... it's a self-selected 'club' !

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:19 pm 

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Re Oxbridge I have carried out the same if not higher level role than a number of contemporary Oxbridge graduates and I went to a Uni that was classed as 'red brick' but certainly not RG. I don't see Oxbridge as being the be-all. However I am not against the institutions either. DD, aged 10 on returning from a maths conference at Oxford declared that she really enjoyed the day but was still determined to go to Cambridge and study Engineering. :shock: When she does do a bit more growing up we will look at the quality of the courses at each institution- maybe she wants to go direct into industry and bypass university altogether- who knows. I chose my course based on the fact I liked and respected the tutors at the university and whilst not one to one like Oxbridge still offered tutorials of three to four people. I hear that is quite rare even at my old Alma Mata these days. Times change and sites like this help us keep up to date with what those changes are.

I hear Manchester Uni is even harder to get into for example than Oxbridge if you want to study Physics due to a rather popular tv celebrity lecturer.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:56 pm 

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ConfusedFather wrote:
Is there a league table showing the biggest value add schools

This might help.

https://www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk/help ... ar-schools

No league table ever tells you the full picture.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:24 pm 

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That data is not as up-to-date as the DfE tables ...

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