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The New Schools Admissions Code, by law from 2012 , due to take effect for admissions for Entry in September 2013, states that schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for applications on October 31st 2012.

There are two grammar schools in the London Borough of Redbridge – Ilford County High School for Boys and Woodford County High School for Girls. Both schools are heavily over-subscribed, with as many as 850 applicants for 120 places at each. Note that to apply for 11+ testing at both schools you should be resident in their common catchment area. If the 240 places available cannot be filled by qualified applicants from within Redbridge, non-resident children will be invited to take the test. However, given the number of in-catchment children applying for the test, that is extremely unlikely to happen. In the last five years, no places have been offered outside the catchment area.

Admissions for both schools are managed by Redbridge Council. Definitive information about the Redbridge test was hard to come by until the start of September 2010. Neither school publishes its admission policy or procedures online, simply referring the reader to Redbridge Council’s own website.

Children who take the Redbridge test when they are in primary school will not be re-tested, so your child only gets “one bite of the cherry”. There are no waiting lists for either school beyond the September of Year 7 admission. Parents should also note that, in the experience of our appeals team on the 11+ forum is that school appeals in Redbridge are exceptionally difficult to win.

Note that Redbridge Borough Council state that their exam is one of the hardest in the country and that GL Assessment tests are specifically written for Redbridge. The Verbal reasoning test is the longest in the country.

Admissions Information for September 2016 entry

According to the Redbridge Council admissions page, this information is not yet available. The two schools are currently undergoing a consultation period proposing changes to the number of pupils they will accept in each school. There is no indication that the test will change from CEM style which the two schools used last year but this has not been confirmed by Redbridge Council. We will update this page once further information has become available.

Please click here if you would like to view the consultation information.

Admissions Information for September 2015 entry

This year the Redbridge exam will change its test from the verbal and non-verbal reasoning test by NFER to the CEM (Durham University) tests testing.

The 11 plus exam will be held at Woodford County High School and at Ilford County High School.

Closing date for applications 31st October 2014- CAF Form
30th June – Closing date for test registration. Parents can register for the tests online
Places 120 places in each school
11+ test dates 13 September 2014
Alternate date: 24th September (if evidence is provided by 18th September, showing why the child couldn’t attend the 13th Sept)
Location of test Boys will take the test at Ilford County High
Girls will take the test at Woodford County High
Test Types Verbal reasoning, non-verbal and numerical reasoning. Note that the verbal reasoning section will include vocabulary and English comprehensions
Examiners CEM (Durham University)
Pass Mark Variable. Those who achieve the top 120 scores will be offered a place
Results 10th October 2014
Allocations 2nd March 2015
Admissions Information Redbridge Borough Council Tel: 0208 708 3562/3140
Email: elevenplus@redbridge.gov.uk
Recommended Practice Materials CEM Practice Materials

School Information

School Gender Places Open Events
Ilford County High School Boys 120 places in Year 7 TBA
Woodford County High School Girls 120 in Year 7 TBA

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