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The New Schools Admissions Code, by law from 2012 , due to take effect for admissions for Entry in September 2013, states that schools must take all reasonable steps to inform parents of the outcome of tests before the closing deadline for applications on October 31st 2012.

The term “Surrey” is a misnomer, because none of the grammar schools commonly referred to as being in Surrey are administered by Surrey County Council. However “Surrey” is used as an umbrella term for the grammar schools in the London Boroughs of Kingston-upon-Thames and Sutton.

The Surrey grammar schools are among the most fiercely competitive for entry in the country, with as many as ten applicants for each school place.

Kingston-upon Thames Grammar Schools

The two grammar schools administered by Kingston LEA are Tiffin Girls’ School and Tiffin School (Boys).

Tiffin Boys School Admissions Information for September 2016 entry

Places 180 places in Year 7 in 2016
Closing date 8th September 2015 for school’s own form
30st October 2015 – for Common Application Form
Open Day Tuesday 7th July 2015 5pm to 8pm
11+ test dates Stage 1: 6th October 2015
Stage 2: 10th November 2015
Test Types Maths and English, multiple choice format
Examiners TBC
Standardised Score? Yes
Pass Mark Places are allocated in descending rank order by score. In the event of a tie, boys will be ranked according to their distance from the school . Previous years qualifying scores:
2013 – 1644 applicants – 231
2012 – 1685 applicants – 229
2011 – 1367 applicants – 226
2010 – 1314 applicants – 225
Results Sent to parents w/c 19th October 2015
Allocations Day 1st March 2015
Appeals Timetable for appeals will be published on schools’ website
Recommended Practice Materials Maths

Tiffin Girls School Admissions Information for September 2016 entry

Places 180 places in Year 7
Closing date Common Application Form – 31st October 2015
8th September 2015 – for school’s own form (SIF) to apply for the Stage 1 Test
Open Day 7th July 2015
11+ test dates The Stage One Test will determine invitation to sit the Stage Two test only. Marks from the Stage One test will not contribute to the final determination of offer of places at the School.
Stage 1 Test: 6th October 2015
Maths and English, both multiple choice
A number of pupils will then be invited back to sit the Stage 2 Test.
Stage 2 Test: TBA
Maths and English
Invitations for test 2 will be sent the week commencing 19th October 2015. Candidates who are not sitting the test 2 will also be notified at the same time.
Examiners TBA
Standardised Score? Yes
Results Stage 1 Test – week commencing 19th October 2015 – parents will be informed of the results of the Stage 1 Test.
Stage 2 – TBA
Pass Mark Only candidates who have been invited into the second stage should name the school as a preference on the CAF form.
Allocations Day TBA
Acceptance Deadline TBA
Recommended Practice Materials Maths

Sutton Grammar Schools

Admissions Information for September 2015 entry:
Sutton Grammar School, Wallington Country Grammar, Wilson’s School, Greenshaw High School

There are 5 fully selective Grammar Schools in Sutton. Last year, Wallington County Grammar and Wilson schools joined Sutton Grammar School in their admissions procedure and now they all share the same two stage testing process. Greenshaw High School, a partially selective school is also a part of this group; however they only have one stage testing and will not have a second test. All four schools will use the same Selective Eligibility Test. The 1st test will be on the same date. For the 2nd stage, Sutton Grammar school, Wallington County Grammar and Wilsons will each have its own date set.

Parents have to fill in a Supplementary Form to sit the Selective Eligibility Test(1st stage) which can be downloaded from any of the schools’ websites. Only one form needs to be filled in even if you are applying to more than one of the schools.

Each school will be administering the 1st test on the same day at the same time. Applicants will be allocated a venue that is nearest to them. All girls will sit the test at Greenshaw High School. It is not possible to request a venue.

It is estimated that there will be approximately 2500 applicants. Roughly 600 sitting the test at each school.

Children who pass the first test may be eligible for a place at Greenshaw High School. For Sutton Grammar, Wallington County and Wilson’s, they will be invited to sit a second test; ‘the entrance exam’ at each individual school. The dates for this test will be different for each school.

The Sutton schools are fiercely competitive, here are some numbers for previous years’ applicants:
Wallington County Grammar:
For entry September 2013 1,535 pupils were tested and 452 were eligible for a place
For entry September 2012 1,511 pupils were tested and 454 were eligible for a place
For entry September 2011 1,676 pupils were tested and 451 were eligible for a place.
For entry September 2010 1,663 pupils were tested and 498 were eligible for a place.

Approximately 1500 children sit the test each year

Sutton Grammar are planning to increase their intake to 135, see the draft document here and policy here

The draft admissions policy for Wallington County Grammar will be uploaded once their admission policy is released.

Admission Details for Sutton Grammar, Wallington County Grammar, Wilsons, Greenshaw for entry 2016

Closing date School’s Form: 3th September 2015
Forms available on schools’ websites from 1st May 2015
31st October 2015 – for Common Application form
Test Dates Stage 1: 16th September 2015
Stage 2: Sutton Grammar School – Saturday 3 October 2015
Wilson’s School – Monday 5 October 2015
Nonsuch High School for Girls – Saturday 3 October 2015
Wallington High School for Girls – Saturday 10 October 2015
Test Types The test consists of two multiple choice style papers; a Maths paper and an English paper. Each paper will be about 45 minutes long. Candidates will need to record their answers on a separate multiple choice answer sheet.
Examiners There is no indication of the examiners. On the schools’ websites, it is mentioned that there are no suitable papers
Test Results (1st stage) 25th September 2015
Parents are not informed of scores or ranking only whether they have passed or not. Children who are unsuccessful are given marks.
Test Results (2nd stage) TBC
Allocations 1st March 2016
Test Scores A pass mark will be set after the test, allowing 600-700 children to pass
The total aggregate score of both tests will determine the ranking. The score from the first test will be standardised and then added to the score of the second test. Three standardised scores will be calculated using
1) All multiple choice questions from the Selective Eligibility Test
2) The English paper in the second stage test
3) The Maths paper in the second stage test.
The three standardised scores will be weighted in the ratio 4:3:3; an age allowance will be added and the total rounded to the nearest 4 marks.
Sutton Grammar School for Boys
Wallington County Grammar
Recommended Practice Materials Maths

School Information

School Gender Places Open Events
Greenshaw High School Mixed Selective Places in Year 7: 254 TBA
Sutton Grammar School Boys Places in Year 7: 135 TBA
Wallington County Grammar School Boys Places in Year 7: 135 2nd July 2015 3:30pm-8pm
Wilson’s School Boys Places in Year 7: 180 Thursday 25 June 2015, 4pm to 9pm

Nonsuch High School for Girls Admissions Information for September 2016 entry

Places 210 places in Year 7.(80 places allocated irrespective of catchment area). 1350 girls sat the test in 2012, 1300 girls sat the test in 2011 , 1230 girls sat the test in 2010 and 1288 girls in 2009
Open Day Thursday 9th July 2015 4pm to 8.30pm
Closing date 3rd September 2015 – for school’s own form (the form is available from 1st May 2015 from school’s website or LB Sutton website)
31st October 2015 – for Common Application form (available from September 2015 from Local Authority Website)
11+ test dates Selective Eligibility Test (used for all Sutton grammars) – Wednesday 16th September 2015
Nonsuch Second Stage Test – Saturday 3rd October 2015
Test Types 1st Stage: English and Mathematics Test – multiple choice
2nd Stage: English and Mathematics Test – standard format
Each paper will be 45 minutes to 1 hour long
11+ Test Results Before 31st October 2015
Allocations Day 1st March 2016
Appeals The deadline for submitting Appeals every year is 26th April
Appeal Hearings TBA
ADMISSIONS INFORMATION Nonsuch High School for Girls
Recommended Practice Materials Verbal Reasoning

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