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Our tuition centre in Harrow will open up its doors from mid-April to mid-September each year for 11 plus mock exams practice sessions. Our mock exams attract parents from all over the UK because each mock is uniquely tailored to an individual examining board: we never create generic style papers.

For most children 11 Plus mock exams are a crucial part of the final build up of the 11 plus preparation because it provides the experience of sitting tests with a peer group, and exposes them to real exam conditions. The vast majority of children will benefit from sitting mock exams, as no matter of tuition or timed papers at home can prepare children with the necessary skills to focus and perform in real exam conditions. Hence, even our own Year 5 students will typically sit in the region of 10-12 mock exams in the weeks leading up to the real exams. Giving children exposure to exam conditions will also reduce nerves and anxiety before the real exam. It also provides an opportunity for you to gauge your child’s performance against a peer group.

Our tuition centre will be holding practice 11 plus mock exams for grammar and senior independent (private) schools for the public as well as our own own students with the institution.

Why our mocks are at the leading edge of the 11 Plus market

TAILORED TO INDIVIDUAL EXAMINING BOARDS Our Mock Exams are professionally prepared by our own experts and we aim to specifically mirror those set by the examining bodies. We do not write generic papers to offer general exam practice because the main purpose of a mock exam is for your child to sit a test that is as close as possible to the real exam that he or she will sit for their particular school.

FULL LENGTH PAPERS Our Mock Exam papers are all full length papers, we do not use shortened papers, 30 minutes, like many other providers. Reducing the length of a paper even if it is tailored to single examining board can significantly distort its composition when compared with the real exam.

PREPARED IN-HOUSE All our papers are prepared in-house for the exclusive use of Eleven Plus Exams Mocks and therefore will not have been seen before by your child. To maintain the best quality we will only use our own mock papers which we have checked and approved. We never purchase papers from a third party. If you do book your child’s mock exam with more than two providers (other than us, ElevenPlusExams) it is important to check that they are not obtaining their 11 plus mock papers from the same supplier so as to avoid the risk of your child sitting the same paper.

WRITTEN BY UK AUTHORS We guarantee that our 11 plus mock papers are written and tested by UK teaching professionals and authors with knowledge of the 11 plus. We never commission any work unqualified or inexperienced overseas authors who have little knowledge of the 11 plus.

BEST QUALITY MOCK PAPERS We strive to provide the best quality mock papers set to a realistic difficulty level since the value of a mock exam session is only as good as the quality of the paper sat.

PEER COMPARISON We have developed our own exclusive in-house software, the leading edge 11+ Peer Compare™ online system, to provide informative feedback reports. Feedback reports provide raw scores per subject and subject percentile ranking amongst the cohort that sat the test and identify areas of weaknesses.

PROMPT RESULTS Our feedback report and results for your child’s mock test will usually be sent to you within 1-3 days.

REAL EXAM CONDITIONS All 11 plus mock exams will be conducted as strictly as the real exams so as to give your child a similar experience.

CONFIDENTIALITY We guarantee that your child’s identity and results will remain strictly confidential.

SAFE ENVIRONMENT All mock tests are held in a safe and controlled environment (at our own premises or alternative venue) with sufficient level of staff supervision.

DBS CHECKED STAFF All staff are checked by Disclosure and Barring Service.


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