Mock Exams FAQs

There are many providers, why should I book your mock exams?

With Eleven Plus Exams, you can be sure that you are dealing with a respected professional company that operates from a registered address where we can be visited or contacted by telephone. Be wary of internet businesses that only provide an online form or PO Box address on their websites.
We have a solid reputation in the field of selective school entrance exams and have been established in this field for 12 years. We created the first dedicated 11 plus website and host UK’s largest online forum. We are a publisher and provider of software to schools, as well a tutoring company.
Through our experience in writing real entrance exams for some of the Independent Schools, we have developed a process of testing the material to ensure realistic timing, appropriate difficulty, and ensuring that all questions are of exam standard.

Each of our mock exam papers are tailored to mirror the format of a single examining board and are tested on pupils to ensure the correct level of difficulty and time pressure. Many other mock exam providers create generalised papers which are used nationally via third parties who run their mocks and are promoted as being suitable for all boards and schools. Some providers have single subject papers of 30 minutes in length whereas none of the grammar school exams are of this length. Longer length papers cannot closely match a single examining board’s exam if they are promoted as suitable for all boards and schools: for example, a mock exam cannot be suited for Queen Elizabeth boys’ school as well as Latymer School as both schools use different exam bodies.

The value of such generic papers are limited to giving your child exposure to exam conditions, as they are bound to contain question types that are not relevant to the exam your child will sit, or will omit some question types that are relevant; furthermore, their composition, content, time pressure and difficulty level will be far removed from the real exam.

All of our mock exams papers are created in-house by subject specialist authors and teachers, to a standard that enables us reliably assess the prospects of our own students. The papers are exclusive to Eleven Plus Exams and we do not sell or provide them via third party tutors for their own mocks. Although the full mock exam papers are not released due to copyright, our feedback reports provide access to all questions that are skipped or incorrect, so that you may more easily identify your child’s weak spots.

How many mocks should my child sit?

From experience of running courses, we know that no amount of tuition and home practice can prepare your child for real exam conditions, and therefore, we recommend most children will benefit from sitting three or more mock exams. Children aged 10-11 years have little experience of exam conditions, as timed curriculum tests at school are far more relaxed and in their familiar surroundings. Some children find even the mock exams intimidating and get very nervous and have difficulty remaining focussed. We find that our own Year 5 students improve with each mock exam, and so we will usually provide several mocks during their course as well as a further three mocks with external students attending our Centre, so that they have an opportunity to sit mocks outside their normal group. We recommend that your child’s first mock exam is not left until late August, because of the risk of causing worry and distress, shortly before the real exam, if the child does not perform well. An early mock exam will give you an idea of how well your child performs amongst peers and leaves more time to address weak spots that have been identified in the feedback report.

Which Mock Exam should I book?

The mock exam you need to book will depend on the school your child is sitting for. Details of the relevant schools are mentioned for each mock type on the relevant pages on the mock exams booking website
CEM Mocks
• GL Assessment Mocks
• Moray House Mocks
• Independent School Mocks
• Other 11 plus Mocks

What is the difference between the Sets A, B, C etc?

We produce multiple papers for each type of mock so as to enable your child to sit several papers. All papers sets are of exam level difficulty and can be sat in any order.
CEM mocks: There are 8 papers, Set A to H.
GL Assessment mocks: There are 6 papers, Set A to F
SW Herts mocks: There are 6 papers, Set A to F
Independent School mocks: Various papers; each paper will have one session so there is no risk of double booking.

What is a ‘review session’?

Some of the CEM (Durham University) mock exam sittings will include a review session, which takes places immediately following a snack break after the children have sat their mock exam. These review sessions are conducted by our experienced in-house teachers who teach on our year long courses. Each subject specialist teacher will review the hardest questions in the test papers, with step by step solutions shown by animated powerpoint presentations. This is unique and valuable part of the mock exam service we provide, as it enables children to learn as well as ask questions of an experienced teacher, whilst the exam content is fresh in their minds.

When will we get the results?

We endeavour to send the mock exam results within 3 days after the mock exam is held. A Feedback Report will be sent by email providing you with the score, percentile ranking and feedback on the questions your child got incorrect or skipped to enable you to identify weak areas.

Do you charge extra for the Feedback Report?

All mocks include a detailed Feedback Report and we do not charge any optional extras.

What is included in the Feedback Report?

• Your child’s percentage score for each paper.
• Your child’s ranking in the session for each paper.
• Your child’s ranking in the overall cohort for each paper.
• Number of students sitting in the session and overall cohort.
• High, Low and Average scores of the session and the overall cohort.
• Access to view all skipped or incorrect questions as well as answers.
• For each question your child skips or gets wrong we also give you the percentage of peers that also skipped or got the same question wrong. This will give you an indication of the difficulty level of the question.

Will I get a copy of the mock paper?

Our mock papers are created after a lengthy process of testing so that they are as close as possible to the real exam. For reasons of copyright, the papers are not released. However, the feedback report will contain sufficient information for you to identify your child’s weak spots and you will be able to view the questions that your child got incorrect or skipped.

What are the cancellation terms?

Please see our Booking Terms on the mock exams booking website.
We do not operate a ‘no refund’ policy as we appreciate that cancellations are necessary for genuine reasons. Therefore we will allow cancellations up to 10 days before the scheduled mock exam subject to a cancellation fee of £20.00 for each mock exam cancelled. You will be refunded the balance of the price paid to the payment card that you used to make the Booking.

Can I change the mock exam date booked?

Subject to availability and an administration charge of £10 you will be able to change the date of the mock exam. You should request any change at least 7 or more days before the exam session you have booked.

Will I get a refund if my child is ill on the day?

We regret that we are not able to offer refunds due to illness as we are not able to sell your child’s mock exam place.

What time should I arrive and collect my child?

Detailed schedule will be emailed to you approximately one week before each exam date. Usually we request that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the mock exam to allow time for a visit to the toilet and for children to be settled in the exam room before the exam commences. Children are handed over to our staff at the point of registration. The collection time will usually be no more than 5 to 15 minutes after the scheduled finish time of the exam session.

What should my child bring?

Children should bring a pencil case with two sharpened pencils and an eraser. Water will be available in the exam room, but we recommend that your child brings a small bottle of water, as some children are often too shy to ask for water. No snacks are allowed during the toilet break between test papers. Some mocks have a review of the paper immediately following the exam, and as these sessions are much longer, children will have a snack break.

Can I accompany and settle my child in the exam room?

No. As with the real exam, in most cases, parents do not accompany their children to the exam room. Children are handed over at the point of registration.

Is there a break between test papers?

Yes, usually this will be 10-15 minutes similar to the real exam in most areas. Children can stretch their legs and attend the toilet, but they are not permitted to eat snacks.

Can I see my child during the break?

No, the Exam Centre will be closed for the duration of the mock exam. Parents should not return to the Centre earlier than 5 minutes before the exam is due to finish.

What happens if we are late?

There is no need for you to telephone us if you are running late because the mock exam will commence promptly at the advertised time in any case. Any child arriving late may be allowed to enter the exam room but will not normally be given extra time to finish the paper due to the tight schedule.

What is the venue of the mock exam?

Details of the venue will be contained in your booking. Please go to ‘My Booking’ where you will find a link to the venue.
Many of the exams take place in our own centre, Eleven Plus Exams, Congress House, Ground Floor, Lyon Road, Harrow, HA1 2EN.

Do you have parking?

Our own venue, at Congress House, has a car park that is open to the public on weekends and bank holidays. ‘Parking Eye’ with Pay & Display operates with the following tariffs: -

First 30 mins – FREE
Up to 1 hour – £1.00
1-2 hours – £1.80
2-3 hours – £2.50
3-4 hours – £4.00

You will be able to drop-off and pick-up your children without incurring a parking fee, provided you only park up to 30 minutes.
Other venues at Westminster University and Bucks New University also have plenty of parking.

Do you have a parents waiting area?

We do not have the facility in our Congress House Centre for parents to wait. We are within 2 minutes’ walk of Harrow’s shopping precinct where there are plenty of coffee shops and eateries.
Please note that on our mock exam days, due to the tight session schedule, our Centre is not open to parents for book purchases or general queries.

Do you have Health and Safety procedures?

The mock exam will take place either at our own premises, or another venue, in a safe and controlled environment that complies with all health, safety and fire regulations. We also have CCTV in operation throughout our premises as well as security staff for the building. All our staff have DBS clearance and there will usually be at least one or more staff member on duty with first aid training. Children will remain at all times under the supervision of staff.