Eleven Plus Exams Interactive CDs

Introduction to 11 plus interactive CDs

Eleven Plus Exams in collaboration with The Tutors, Learning Together, Tuition For You and Peter Robson have created a series of CDs providing syllabus practice questions and practice tests encompassing Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Vocabulary Building.

Two types of 11 plus interactive CDs: Practice Tests and Question Types

Each CD title contains on average a question bank of about 1,000 interactive multiple choice questions. The questions are grouped in sets of practice papers or question styles within the subject. So for instance you can choose a CD that contains sets of the same type questions(e.g. 50 questions of each of the 21 types of verbal reasoning multiple choice question types, like 50 questions in a row of “Insert a Letter”) or the equivalent of practice papers (e.g. 12 tests of 100 questions). Tutors and parents usually work on the former to address any weakness in the syllabus of question styles before embarking on the latter.

Software Description

The software poses one question at a time per screen prompting the child to elect one of the five options (A-E) presented. The software will automatically time every question the child has attempted and also mark the question but only revealing the score and the answers at the end of the test once the child has submitted the answers.

Parents can review any one of the last 10 attempts of any given question set or test.


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