ElevenPlusExams Centre Directions - Mock Venue 2


The location is less than approximately 500 metres from our premises at Congress House, where all other mocks are held.

University of Westminster Harrow Preferred The Forum Entrance

ADDRESS Eleven Plus Exams Mock Exam Centre Address

University of Westminster Harrow Campus
Watford Road
Northwick Park

The information on this page gives you all the information you need for the Mock Exam day: How to get there, what time should you get there, how to register, when to collect etc.

TIMES Your Arrival & Collection Times for CEM & Moray House Mocks in July & August:

Please arrive in good time to allow time for your child to be taken to the exam room. The times vary depending on the time of your exam booking.

Exam Booking Arrival Time Collection Time
CEM Mock Exam & Review 9.00am no later than 8.45am approximately 1.00pm
CEM Mock Exam & Review 9.30am no later than 9.15am approximately 1.30pm
CEM Mock Exam & Review 1.00pm no later than 12.45pm approximately 5.00pm
CEM Mock Exam Only 10.00am no later than 9.45am approximately 12.30pm
CEM Mock Exam Only 1.30pm no later than 1.15pm approximately 4.15pm
CEM Mock Exam Only 2.00pm no later than 1.30pm approximately 4.45pm
MORAY House Mock Exam Only 10.00am no later than 9.45am approximately 12.30pm
MORAY House Mock Exam Only 2.00pm no later than 1.45pm approximately 4.30pm

MAP Campus map of the car park and the building entrance to use:

The car park and entrance hall is located to the right and rear of this building seen from Watford Road (so turn left and left again off Watford Road):

University of Westminster View from Watford Road


Download Campus Plan as PDF


The only entrance to use is ‘The Forum’ entrance:

University of Westminster Harrow The Forum Entrance


Go past the barriers at reception desk at ‘The Forum’ entrance, our registration desk will be directly ahead:

University of Westminster Entrance Lobby Reception


Given the duration of the exams most parents will be spending their time either shopping in central Harrow or visiting the historic Harrow-on-the-Hill. However for those parents who are happy to wait, there is a seated waiting area for parents during the exams:

University of Westminster Mock Exams Entrance Lobby


The University of Westminster’s facilities have full disabled access. However please do let us know in advance if you need assistance and our staff will be on standby to assist.


1. Please enter through the FORUM entrance.

2. Once you are through the barriers please ensure that your child has visited the washrooms on your right BEFORE registration.

3. Please queue to register with our staff. Our registration desk will clearly visible as you pass through the barriers.

4. Your child will then wait to be escorted by one of our staff to their appropriate exam rooms.

What do I need to bring?

  • Your well rested child!
  • Three sharpened HB pencils
  • A rubber
  • A small water bottle (fizzy or sweet drinks not permitted)

Will there be a snack break?

MOCK ONLY – no snack break.

MOCK AND REVIEW – there will be a short break at the end of the exams before the Review session. Your child can bring with them a DRY snack such as biscuits or fruit bar.

Do you have a parents waiting area?

There is a comfortable seating area for parents who wish to wait quietly at the University. NOTE: During non-term times on weekends, the University cafeteria may be closed. However, there are several vending machines on site.

University of Westminster Cafeteria

When will I get the results?

We will aim to get the results and feedback report to you within 48 hours of the exam. This will be sent to you by email.

What is the difference between the mock exam with review and without review?

The ‘with review’ exams last an extra hour and include a review of all the hardest questions (based on previous sittings). We will try and work through as many of these as we can, apportioning approximately half an hour on each 45 minute paper.

What is the difference between the different Sets (Set A, Set B etc…) advertised?

Each exam set is a consists of group of different papers of equal difficulty.

Will I get a copy of the mock paper?

Our mock papers are created after a lengthy process of testing so that they are as close as possible to the real exam. For copyright reasons the papers are not released.

Can I accompany and settle my child in the exam room?

No. As with the real exam, in most cases, parents do not accompany their children to the exam room. Children are handed over at the point of registration and they will be escorted to the exam room.

Can I see my child during the break?

No, as with the real exam parents will not be able to see their child during the break.

Are there car parking facilities?

Yes, please see below.

Nearest Train Station:

The ElevenPlusExams Mock Exam Centre alternative venue is easily accessible by public transport or car. It is located adjacent to Harrow’s Northwick Park Hospital.

The nearest station is London Underground’s Northwick Park Station on the Metropolitan Line.

Northwick Park Station

This is one stop away from Harrow on the Hill, which serves the Metropolitan Line of the London Underground and Chiltern Railway of National Rail.

Northwick Park Station is 5 minutes walk (zoom in on Map below), making the ElevenPlusExams Mock Exam centre convenient for 11+ parents from Bucks, Hertfordshires and most parts of London.

Bus Routes:

The following buses have a stop at the University: 114, 140, 129. The stop is called “Watford Road”.

Car Parking:

The car park at the University of Westminster Harrow Campus is open to the public. If you intend to park only for 10 minutes whilst dropping off or picking up your child you will not need to pay for parking. Otherwise, you will need to pay at the meter to use the Pay and Display facility. The parking charges are £1 per hour, £2.50 for 3 hours or £5.50 per day.