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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 7:42 am 
Got the confirmation letter. It gives details regarding the test, stationary and so on. However, it says on the letter in dark black ink and large letters "hall". I assume this means that my child will take the test in hall along with others. However, there'll be others taking it in classrooms. My question:

1) IS the child taking the test in the classroom at an advantage due to
size and comfort, noise etc?

2) The letter says some instructions will be given by audio, would the child taking the test in the classroom be in better position for listening the instructions than the child in the hall?

3) Who decides on where the children sit for their test, is it done fairly?

KenR/KeMUM perhaps you know? -

Thanks in advance

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 8:36 am 
My daughter's taking it in a classroom - actually room next to her sister's form room; so Big Sister has been able to describe it to her.

I've never spoken to anyone who's taken the exam in a hall. I would think it unlikely that any great number at once would be in a hall, as I think they try not to daunt children.

Location is decided partly by order of application. Big Sister had to go to Handsworth Grammar for exam when her first choice was KE Handsworth. Applied early for Little Sister via website (July), so she is going to Rose Hill Road for exam, which also has advantage that she has visited many times for concerts, Open Evenings etc. The only reason I can think of for taking children out of strict numerical order based on date of application would be if they have submitted a medical certificate.

Of course, the acoustic of each hall is very individual; so there might be no problem. And if going to KE Handsworth, your child will be watched over by the friendly lions!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 8:59 am 

My youngest was in either the gym or the hall (certainly not a classroom) and it was freezing cold. Looks as if it is going to be a cold weekend, so get her to put on a thick fleece or some such item that can be removed. (This was at Camp Hill).

I think it depends on your date of birth and your surname. I too felt that being in a classroom would be more beneficial but it didn't seem to trouble my daughter - as adults we get more anxious about exams/tests than children. She didn't have any difficulty hearing the tape.

I don't think you can read anything into the room/venue allocated - it is just a question of numbers and alphabetical order. Do you have a spot?(!) I believe that these tell you whether she is born in first, second or third term. When they came out last year after the test, the eldest came first and the youngest last - it really shows how big the older ones are with the little diddy ones coming out at the end.

Sorry, you didn't actually say if you had a boy or a girl. Whatever, good luck for Saturday - be nice when it is all over for you.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 9:26 am 
Hello, KEMUM, it's boy and he is an August child, so very young. I didn't quite understand about the spot, the letter we have just says hall. Please elaborate on what you meant by spot, would be grateful.



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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 9:48 am 
I think the spot signifies their age - but I don't mind being contradicted on this! My daughter is also August and I am pretty sure that she had a blue spot. When the children go into the school, they divide them up according to the spots. Try not to worry about sitting the test in the hall, as it really has no bearing on whether your child gets in or not. I know it is hard not to read things into the location, etc, of your child's test, but I don't think it matters where they sit it. If he is going to do well, he will.

Best of luck! And don't forget the woolly jumper and a vest!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 12:01 pm 

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Hi Guest,

Procedures vary from school to school - my son took the test last year at Camp Hill Boys and my daugther about 4 years ago at Camp Hill Girls.

I recall Camp Hill Girls meet Girls and parents at the door and then arrange for someone to escort her to the registration desk - parents were not allowed inside the school. (similar to Bishop Vesey for those of you who sat that test)

Camp Hill boys is different, boys and parents(including grand parents, uncles, aunts in some case etc) go inside the school to a number of registraton desk. There yor son is allocated a row in the hall according to alphabet normally.

The Boys & parents then sit in the row until their row is called and then the boys (not parents) are escorted to the classroom by an existing Camp Hill pupil. Row late comers are then escorted later as a 2nd wave.

As you can imagine, this was a bit of a scrum. We didn't like it. My son got very stressed. Camp Hill Girls was better I think

Don't know what happens at other KE Schools (or other centres - they use lots of alternative test centres depending on the date of applicaton).

May find out about Five Ways on Saturday if my son is doing any of the escorting. They often like to use year 7 pupils s they are closer to the age of the candidates.

Hope this helps.

Good luck in the exam

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