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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:47 am 

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Hi All,

AHS parents.. please can you share some of your experience...
My DD is starting this September.. She is so excited and kept reading the information pack we received.

Love to hear your view of

--- Home work.. time they spent each evening..
--- pastoral care..
--- School Bus and any pros and cons (if there is any!!)
--- Music / Drama oppertunity & involvement

Any thing else you can think of..

Thank you...

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:05 pm 

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Firstly 'monsoon' ... many congratuations to your DD :D

My DD started last September ... scary how time has gone by :shock: and she was so excited to go to AHS - wanted to go there from the moment she looked round the previous year. :roll:

Generally she has settled in well and making new friends. A good sign is that she is still happy to get up at 6:30am to get the school bus and comes home with a smile in the evening!

Homework is not as bad as she initially thought, but when you compare it to primary school then it seems a lot. The amount of work can range from 40 mins to 1½ hrs - but generally, being a quick worker, she gets in done when she comes in from school and then has the evening to herself!!! Obviously as she moves up the school the homework will increase, but speaking to parents at other schools (grammar and secondary) this applies to them also!

The school bus is the social time, when the girls (and boys - AGS/AHS share the bus) catch up on things. Initially I was worried about how my DD would cope, there were a few hic-cups with friendships (who sat with who :roll: ) but these seem to have sorted themselves out, and generally my DD enjoys the journey to and from school.

Your DD will have the opportunity of joining the House Music and House Drama groups (plus many other groups/clubs). My DD loves the House Drama - which for us was a real surprise because prior to going to AHS would rarely put herself forward for anything - now she's putting her name forward for things all the time. :D

I have to say it's more us parents that worry about our DCs - they seem to get on with it ... there will be friendship issues as there is in any school and as a parent all we can do is to help/advise our DCs on the way forward with these. Already I see my DD growing up :( and that's only since September. :shock:

I'm sure that there will be parents with issues at AHS (as there are with any school) but generally our DD is happy there AND if she is happy ... then as parents, so are we :D

Heartmum x x x

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:53 pm 

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My daughter is in year 8 at AHS, and is very happy too. They put girls coming from the same primary school in different classes, so my daughter didn't know anyone in her class, and it did take time to make friends. Now she has lovely friends from a wide geographical area, so be prepared to have to travel to take your daughter to sleepovers and parties.

The bus has been generally reliable, apart from an occasional breakdown. Most clubs happen at lunch time as many girls travel long distances, but if there are after school rehersals for house events like drama, music and dance. I was hugely impressed with the level of talent at the recent house music.

Homework is manageable but more than at primary school, and they do a term each of Spanish, German and Italian in year 7, then choose one of these for year 8. They do French throughout the year.

There weren't any residential trips in year 7, but a highlight of year 8 is the personal development week in Aberdyfi in January, which included canoeing, jumping into the sea off the jetty (with a wetsuit) and hiking and spending one night in a cabin with basic facilities. My daughter said she'd love to do it all again, even though she spent some of the time cold and wet.

I am very happy with the school, and remember how exciting it was to get the uniform and try it on as the first time. :)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:38 pm 

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Hi Heart Mum and Petlover..
Thank you for your response... Much appreciated!!
Very very pleased to hear your DDs are happy there.. it makes me feel that my DD will be happy too :)
My DD is very laid back.. (i.e She don’t finish her home work in time , and do it at the last minute) So she better prepared to do her homework in time etc.. But good to hear it is not too much, at least for year 7.
Yes.. very excited about the uniform & trying them on. (Wanted the skirt not the trousers)
(I am not sure if she exited more than me?? I so eager to see her in her uniform)
3 languages + French.. very impressed.. After all they are language specialist school.
Thank you again for your information..


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