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General Query about Admissions
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Author:  a_mummy [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  General Query about Admissions

Hi can anyone tell me what would happen in the below scenario:

Based on the 2020 Admissions policies, if my elder child has changed Grammar school for 6th Form from SHFGS to AHS for Year 12 this September and my younger child were to pass the 11 plus in a few weeks time in this academic year, would we be considered under the 'Sibling' criteria for AGS when we apply in the month of October or does my older child have to have been at AHS longer than just the 6th Form for us to be considered under the Sibling rule?

Please can anyone advise.

Author:  scary mum [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 2:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: General Query about Admissions

The admissions criteria state
For the main point of admission, sisters of girls currently or previously on the roll of
Aylesbury High School

So no minimum time in the school is mentioned.

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