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Colyton Grammar School - The Day after 11+ Result
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Author:  Averagedad [ Thu Oct 22, 2015 9:06 am ]
Post subject:  Colyton Grammar School - The Day after 11+ Result

Just want to share a recent experience with parents thinking their child deserves another chance.

A very happy parent called me yesterday after them receiving a mail from the CGS, confirming their child has passed the 12+ (took place last Friday) and will start at the CGS as a Year 7 student after the half-term break.

I was very happy because I have never seen this happened before for the last 5 years as a CGS parent : a child failed the 11+ last Oct then passed the 12+ this Oct AND got in, joining their friends who took the same 11+ with the child last Oct!

Happy also because the parent had been extremely patient when seeking my advice and working steadily and happily with their child as a team, (i.e not pushing their child but helping their child to develop potentials) and the Team Family has succeeded what they had failed the last time in the 11+.

The parent stated that another parent, whose child is already at the CGS, told them there are still 3-4 Year 7 places available as the PAN is 124 and only 120 attending at the moment.

If you think your child is up to it and if your child (i.e. not you) wants to attend CGS, please do apply to CGS for the 12+, then work with your child for the coming 2 months (on average 30 mins a day) and take the 12+ after the New Year.

Good Luck.

And have a good weekend.

Best wishes
Terence Lai
Everyone Deserves a 2nd Chance

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