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 Post subject: Results for 2020 Entry
PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:03 am 

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I thought i'd start this thread to make it easier for future years to find the results. I will also put the qualifying marks for each relevant school, once known.

Test Date: 21 September 2019

Test Type: GL Assessment (NFER)

Papers: Verbal reasoning, Maths, English. All multiple choice.

Results date: Posted 1st class 11 October 2019

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:09 am 

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Pass Marks

Parkstone Grammar 290

Bournemouth School for Girls 308

Bournemouth Boys 308

Poole Grammar School 300

PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 1:30 pm 

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Thanks for opening the thread. DD sat the test at Parkstone Grammar school which had a pass mark of 290 this year.

DD scored 423 so feeling AMAZINGLY PROUD of her achievement today. She's worked very hard over the last year and for anyone interested, we did not have our daughter tutored. We did it ourselves at home, as she is very bright anyway, and invested our own time to help and teach her everything she needed to know that wasn't covered in the year 5 syllabus that she would need to know for 11+ exams. We didn't want it to be stressful or too full-on so we started in Easter of year 4 and bought the CGP workbooks, slowly working through workbooks age 8-9, then 9-10, then 10-11 in each subject in her own time, as and when she wanted to pick them up over the 12 months. At Easter of year 5 when the workbooks were complete we then bought the CGP practice papers followed by the GL practice papers for her to practice technique, time, layout etc. Starting gentle work 18 months before helped our daughter no end through year 5 and she was in top sets and above required standard so our DD has benefited for all her year 5 and current year 6 as well as for 11+ so we found our method to be win-win all round.

Congratulations to everyone that passed.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:42 pm 

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- School Reports: Above average in all subjects.

- Preparation: No tutoring. Studied GL books on his own, during the summer of the test.

- Practice Papers: Was scoring 80s then late 90s

- Test Subjects: Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, English & Maths. NVB was for the Poole test. At the time, they had to sit a separate test for each school.

- Outcome: Met required Standard.

- School: Poole Grammar Out of Catchment

- Current Year: Year 12 (6th Form) Doing A-levels in Maths, Physics and Music.

- School Reports: Below Average Maths and English until end of year 4. Then improved to above average Maths and Reading in year 5, & average in English.

- Preparation: After school club at a learning centre. also studied GL books and papers during the summer of the test.

- Practice Papers: Was scoring 60s and 70s

- Test Subjects: Verbal Reasoning, English & Maths.

- Test Outcomes: Met required Standard

- School: Poole Grammar (Out of Catchment)

- Current Year: Year 8 hopes to do Physics, Maths and Electronics at A-level.

- School Reports: Below Average in all subjects. Since reception, he had to be taught separately in a different class, then taught again the same thing with the rest of the class. Reports started improving noticeably in year 3. A big credit to the school for all the extra input.

- Preparation: After school club at a learning centre. also studied GL books and papers during the summer of the test.

- Practice Papers: Was initially scoring in the 30s, then improved to 50s and sometimes 60s

- Test Outcome: Did not meet required Standard.

- His score 286. Bournemouth required 308 and Poole required 300

- Due to write in 2022

School Reports - Above average in all subjects. Currently doing work for two years above her age.

I have put a detailed account of the journies we've had with each of our children, in order to highlight the differences in children, and also the different approaches we took; depending on each child's individual needs.

All the best to everyone, whatever the outcome was for you...

And all the best to those embarking on this journey. It is an emotional roller-coaster for sure.

Make sure you prepare yourselves mentally, and above all your children. Our DS3 has coped very well with this outcome.

To anyone who's child didn't make it, it will be ok. Trust me, it has all been worth it. My son has matured so much through this and he has improved a lot. I know that this journey has prepared him going forward, not just academically, but also psychologically.

I hope this information I have put here will be of help to others in future. Remember, all children are different, and each one is special in their own way.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:47 am 

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My daughter took Parkstone test in Sep 2018 and passed with 309 (pass mark was 297). She had no tutoring or mocks, we did a couple of run throughs of all 3 papers together in weekends before test. Now at Parkstone and absolutely loving it!!

My son just took the test for Poole (Sep 2019) and passed with 353 (pass mark was 300). With my son we decided to get a bit more organised and he was tutored since January with ** name removed** He also took 2 mocks with them over the summer holidays. We didn't drill at home, and did hardly anything over the summer hols, just did a few run throughs as with my daughter couple of weeks before.

I really don't think it is necessary to tutor for more than 6 months if your child is bright enough to cope at Grammar, just help with exam technique and tacking verbal reasoning is enough I think, that we it keeps it all not too stressful and not overwhelming for the children x Please ask if anyone taking it next year has any questions xx

PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:32 pm 

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Hi, my son passed the test by 3 points. I just wondered if anyone had this experience and whether their child got in to Bournemouth Boys in previous years? We are in catchment.

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