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PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:47 pm 

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Hi everyone!

I know this is probably a silly and unanswerable question, but in your experience what is the apporximate pass mark? My DS keeps asking me after every mock/past paper 'would I get in with that score?!' and I say I can't tell him as it depends what everyone else gets!! lol

Applied for CRGS and after going to the open evening he is desperate to go!

He is on average getting 75-85% on practices (sometimes higher) do you think he has a chance or should I be preparing him for disappointment??


PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:26 pm 

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My son got into KEGS with VR in the eighties and Maths and English in the seventies. I think the marks needed for Colchester are pretty similar although KEGS may be a bit higher as most of London seem to do the exam with KEGS as first choice! I am sure a Colchester parent will be able to confirm/deny this .

Several times on the forum it has been noted that you should expect your child to drop about 10% from practice results to the real thing due to stress, unfamiliar surroundings and sheer difficulty, so it looks as though your son is definitely in the right area. You still have 2 months to go, I would recommend trying to get VR as high as possible as that is 50% of the final mark and making sure he does not make silly mistakes in the Maths. English is anybodies guess...

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:07 pm 

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Hi there

I agree with Marigold all you can do is prepare the best you can as on the day it is so different.My son with surname beginning with s was in the afternoon test at KEGS therefore had whole morning just waiting to go by the time he actually finished it was gone 4pm!He came out very tearful convinced he didnt do well.However he did well but missed out by 1.7 mark getting automatic place at CRGS! Anyway good news 7 mths later he has just been awarded a place.My son consistently scored high 90s in VR but on the day he scored much much lower he nearly ran out of time which he had never done before.It is fine practising for the exams but on the day it is three with very short breaks.

Good luck hope this has been some help .Remember someone has to get a place and why not your son!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:31 pm 

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Your marks sound fine, an average in the upper 70s is usually enough. If you want an accurate picture then 50% of his VR, 25% of both maths and English and add them up and see what you get.

As they have the three papers in a row they are very tired by the time they take the VR. I remember looking at my son's scores and wondering what on earth had happened.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:06 pm 

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The cut off mark for CRGS has definately been lower than KEGS for the past few years. So if those marks are for "real" essex papers they sound on track.

My son with surname beginning with s was in the afternoon test at KEGS

Don't assume this is how they organise the sittings. My DS had morning sitting at CRGS (second half alphabet), friends with names starting C, C, and P were all in the pm sitting. We were also very late applying (just before cut off date) so it isn't organised by order of application either!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:24 pm 

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I would say he's certainly in with a decent chance. It's true that marks in the real thing are about 10% lower than in practice tests, so you need to allow for that. You still have quite a bit of time to improve speed and drum in all the exam tips that could bump him up by a few marks. In the run up to the exam give him a couple of proper mocks with the papers in the right order and with the same timings between them. The actual exam is a test of nerve and stamina as much as anything else so give him an idea of what to expect.

Good luck!

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