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 Post subject: Essex Maths Exam
PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:13 am 

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I wonder if you good people can shed some light on some queries we have?

1. We've covered area of the shapes included in KS3, as well as KS2 - should we have covered how to do the area of a trapezium or was that a step too far for this? :lol:

2. We've taught DD how to find out the circumference of a circle - is this a something that's necessary for the sake of the 11+?

3. In a past paper from 1999, we noticed that there was a distance chart interpretation question - a grid that shows distances between cities etc. Sorry but DH and I are struggling to recall the correct term :lol: DD knows how to do these and timetables - but could the distance grid-type questions still be in the bank of topics the examiners could draw on...or have these been withdrawn? It's not that we're trying to second-guess questions for September, we merely want to know whether we're over-preparing her brain lol!

4. Also, we have a query about right angles and pie charts, based on our experience of Bond Maths (book 5) and CSSE Past Papers 2011 Q14. In Q14, we noticed that a right angle symbol was given and that ties in with what we've taught both children ie don't assume there's a right angle unless you see the symbol. We explained over the years that maths books often show drawings as a representation and they're not to scale etc. Then, lo and behold Bond appear to want you to assume a right angle from their representational illustrations :cry: In CSSE Maths which involve questions on pie charts and geometry, will we generally be given a right angle symbol or will the children need to infer it from the drawings?

 Post subject: Re: Essex Maths Exam
PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:31 am 

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Hi bravado,

1. We are covering the formula for area of a trapezium, because I think that an area of a trapezium question may have appeared in the GL sample papers (can't remember for sure), but it may not have been necessary to remember the formula, provided you could work out the area of the two end traingles and the rectangle.

2. We are not covering the circumference of a circle, becaue I don't remember seeing pi come up anywhere, so I am not sure it is on the syllabus. But a teacher like guest55 will be able to say for sure whether this is on the KS2 syllabus or not.

3. I think a distance chart may still come up, because a recent paper had a timetable question and they are fairly similar.

4.Have looked at the pie chart question you mention and the right angle is necessary there, but in questions about rectangles or coordinates, they are often not in there, and need to be inferred (due to being rectangles or squares etc)

If anyone knows where I can get hold of old maths papers for extra practice, such as the 1999 paper etc., could they please PM me or let me know.

 Post subject: Re: Essex Maths Exam
PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:10 pm 

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The questions are taken from the KS2 syllabus, but they will usually expect a good degree of insight into maths. So a question could be presented on a trapezium if you can work out from the ends. Circles are not in the KS2 curriculum, although can be used in the level 6 test. I am not sure if the level 6 test will have any influence on the exam writers though.

The mean is not in the KS2 PoS but it is level 5 and questions using the mean have come up, but most children can infer average and use the information presented.

Angle work tends to be based around knowledge that can then be applied, e.g. the angles between 12 and 1 on a clock face.

So, you shouldn't need lots of the KS3 curriculum, but you should expect questions that delve into the child's ability to use the maths that they have learnt.

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