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Choosing School post 11 plus : sibling priority
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Author:  jaypn2009 [ Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Choosing School post 11 plus : sibling priority

Our eldest DS has scored well in CSSE that he would get westcliff boys staightaway (green for OOC) , however need to wait and see whether KEGS list moves(yellow for OOC).
He also has score moderately ok for QE barnet. We live in Chadwell heath and hence we have access to coach/bus for all the three schools to travel.
On CAF form , not sure of how to put the choices. We keep discussing about all three schools.

We also have another younger DS , who is very sporty(tennis specifically) and has loads of extracurricular activities. He will be taking 11 plus in 2 years time.
I am not sure, if my choice for elder one should also be based on - making life easier for younger one -choosing school with sibling priority, extracurricular activites for younger DS.

I heard that most activities are in the evenings that children miss these, in case they travel by coach due torestricted timings. Is this true?

My choices sofar (although swinging in thoughts) :
1.KEGS 2.QEB 3. Westcliff

Hope parents with experience can shed light on these.

Author:  ToadMum [ Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Choosing School post 11 plus : sibling priority

Chadwell Heath > Shenfield > Chelmsford.
No problem about getting home after extracurricular activities, or just mooching about in town with friends after school :) . Lots of KEGS / CCHS (and various other schools') students use the train, just follow the right uniforms at Shenfield.

Annual season for the current academic year, £1,037.30, but you can also buy termly season tickets.

None of the Essex or Southend grammar schools has priority for siblings as an admissions criterion. Each candidate must gain admission, or not, on his or her own merits.

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