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 Post subject: KEGS 6th form
PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 1:36 pm 

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After reading the crgs thread I'm now a little nervous for my daughter who is year 10 at colchs. We will be looking at 6th forms at the end of the year and she's adamant she wants to leave her school and go to kegs. Are they as brutal with their applications as crgs? As it stands she's predicted 9s across the board. Thanks

 Post subject: Re: KEGS 6th form
PostPosted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 1:33 pm 

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Most years KEGS have hundreds of external applications for about 80 places in their 6th form. From what I gather, all candidates are ranked post GCSE by results and places are allocated from the highest GCSEs downwards.

However, they allocate places based on how many spaces are left in each subject class. Internal candidates get priority and once their A level choices are finalised the school will know how many spaces are available. If your DD wants to take maths, physics or economics, she will have to be at the very top end of the rankings - multiple 9s. However, if she chooses Humanities, Arts and Languages she could get a place with 7s and 8s. It really does depend on her A level subject choices/combination.

 Post subject: Re: KEGS 6th form
PostPosted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 3:18 pm 

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I don't think this can be quite correct. Offers for sixth form have to be given and accepted before results. So they always over- offer.
So they might offer based on predicted GCSE results as above but I don't see how it can be on actual results.

 Post subject: Re: KEGS 6th form
PostPosted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:35 pm 

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Sixth Form Admissions Policy

a) External applicants for Sixth Form places comprise both males and females without bias. The
Priority Area criterion does not apply to the Sixth Form, i.e. admission is based solely on GCSE
results as outlined below. Except in exceptional circumstances, students must be under 17 years
of age on 31st August of the calendar year of proposed admission.

b) The morning of the day GCSE results are released at the end of Year 11 is the latest time for
receipt of an application if the applicant is to be considered equally alongside all other
candidates. Applications received after this time may be considered, but see the next sentence.
Except in exceptional circumstances, the start of the Autumn Term of Year 12 is the latest date
for the submission of an application for a place in the KEGS Sixth Form.

c) All applicants will be asked to specify their intended subject choices, upon which the school will
determine the projected number of teaching groups for each subject. Interviewing applicants or
their families for entry to Year 12 will not take place, although meetings can be held to provide
advice on options and entry requirements for particular courses.

d) Admission by any applicant to the Sixth Form is based on GCSE or IGCSE grades in full courses and
AS levels or FSMQ Additional Mathematics at grades A and B only. The equivalency of other
qualifications obtained will be taken into consideration.

e) The minimum number of external applicants likely to be admitted is 50. The upper limit of Year
12 external applicants will be based, not on total Year 12 numbers projected for the following
academic year, but on the projected size of the teaching groups and the pastoral capacity of the
school. Taking into account choices for A Level study, applications will be refused where the
school considers the size of teaching sets or tutor groups to be detrimental to the education of
the group and where it is not financially or educationally desirable for the Governors to alter the
balance of the school’s staffing or to appoint additional staff.

f) The requirements for admission into Year 12 are:
1. An average GCSE/IGCSE points score of at least 6.625 across the best eight subjects. This
will be calculated as follows:
 Reformed GCSEs (graded 9 to 1) will score according to the grade i.e. a grade 7
would score 7 points for KEGS admission purposes.
 Unreformed GCSEs (graded A* to G) will score as follows: A* = 8.5 points, A = 7
points, B = 5.5 points, C = 4 points.
 AS B grade or above = 8.5 points and FSMQ Additional Mathematics B grade or
above = 8.5 points.
2. Reformed grade 6 or higher must be achieved in GCSE Mathematics and English (whether
or not these subjects are being followed to A Level).
Page 6 of 6
3. A suitably high GCSE grade, usually reformed grade 7 or A or better, in each chosen subject
of study. An 8 or higher is required to study A Level Mathematics; a 9 is required to study
Further Maths.
4. Reformed grade 4 or higher must be achieved at GCSE in a modern foreign language.
5. There need to be available places in the teaching sets for each subject.
6. Only two qualifications per subject accepted e.g. FSMQ Additional Maths (of B or above) +
Maths GCSE, but not GCSE Statistics + GCSE Maths + FSMQ Additional Maths.

g) In cases of over subscription, places will be offered first to all internal applicants then to external
applicants. Each individual applicant must meet the same admission criteria, and places will be
offered in descending rank order of their average points score across eight qualifying
qualifications. In the event of tied scores, places will be offered on the basis of the average
points score across nine qualifying qualifications. If these scores are tied, then the best ten will
be compared and so on. The school will also strive to maximize the viability of each prepublished A Level course running and, if appropriate, will occasionally prioritise applications from students who wish to study one or more of the smaller subjects.

 Post subject: Re: KEGS 6th form
PostPosted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 9:49 pm 

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Thank you, i'm going to push her hard to apply to her current school more so she has a fall back just in case. She's planning on taking Maths, Further Maths, Economics and History which I can imagine will be hugely oversubscribed and, based on what you have all so kindly written here, she may well not get into KEGS to study. She seems to think she will only need to apply to one school and she will get offered a place.

Oh to be a belligerent 15 year old who knows it all again!!

 Post subject: Re: KEGS 6th form
PostPosted: Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:19 am 

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Hi all,

Before I reach out to the school is anyone aware of any published scores for successful ‘other school, non KEGS’ applicants please? While the policy sets the min average across the respective subjects I assume given ranking approach scores are far higher. Trying to motivate son who thinks getting the min average will be enough. He’s at WHSB now so capable with effort applied.


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