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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 6:35 pm 

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Although my Yr4 DD is some way from having to make a choice about senior schools, she is extremely keen on St Martins in Hutton and wants to sit the out of catchment entrance exam. She will almost certainly take the 11+ as well although she is still a little young to make the final desicion about that yet.

When it comes to filling out the application form (is it called the CAF??) is it important what order we put the schools in? Assuming St Martins is still her first choice, and we put it as first choice she will only get in if she passes the entrance exam well - so does it matter where it is on the list? If we put two Grammars next (SHSG & WHSG) then the most liked non selective school as our final option does this sound like the right way to go? Our other option is to only put one Grammar and two non selective comps down with St Martins at the top.

Im confused as to how it works! If she fails to get a high enough grade in the St Martins exam but passes the 11+ would the Grammars being lower on the list mean she would be less likely to get a place or is it irrelevant?

Our local comp is a dive and I need to put at least one viable option that she will get if the selective options dont work out - and Im so deeply adamant that she WILL NOT go to the local flea pit that Im wondering whether I should use two of the spaces for non selectives just in case??

Any advice?

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:24 pm 

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As far as I know, this is national, but someone from Essex can confirm that it applies there too. I am in Southend and I know this is the system for Kent.

You must put your real order of preference. The schools are unaware of where they are on your preference list.

If she fulfils the criteria for her first choice school that is what she will be allocated. The old days of "you don't get in unless this school is top" have gone.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 7:28 pm 

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When it comes to filling out the application form (is it called the CAF??) is it important what order we put the schools in?
Yes, it is very important what order you put in e.g

1) St. Martin
2) Southend grammar
3) Westcliff grammar
4) Non selective

If you DD passes the St Martin exam, she will go to St. Martins even though she passes her 11+ as well because St Marin is the first choice. If say you put St Martin as 2nd choice, Grammar as 1st choice and she passed both exams, she will go to the Grammar school as the 1st choice.

If the St Martin exam fails but passes the 11+, then she will go to the Grammars because she will not get her first choice but go to the 2nd choice.

The following informationas are from the CSSE (FQA section) which may be useful to you.

Q What advice would you give about the order that I put my
preferences on the Local Authority Form?
A – Our advice is that you should list your chosen schools in your true order of preference. If your first choice is one
of the Consortium Schools then you should put it first on your list. This will not prejudice your application to
the other schools in your list of preferences.

Q Will the Local Authority offer my child one school place only or
offers at all my chosen schools for which my child has met the
Admissions Criteria?
A – The Local Authority will only offer your child one school place. This will be the highest placed school in your
list of preferences for which your child meets the Admissions Criteria. You will not be offered additional places at the other schools lower on your list, even if your child meets their Admissions Criteria.
If your child does well enough in the 11+ tests to be offered a place at one of your chosen Consortium Schools
and you have placed this school as your first preference then a place will be offered to him/her at that school. If,
however, you place another school above the Consortium School and your child meets the Admission Criteria
for this other school, then the Local Authority will offer your child a place at the other school.

Q What happens if my Child does not meet the Admissions Criteria
for my First Preference School?
A – If your child does not meet the Admissions Criteria of your first preference school then your second preference
moves up the list and is treated as your new "first preference" by the Local Authority. The Local Authority will
apply this school's Admission Criteria and decide whether or not your child meets them and should be offered
a place.

Jessmum, I have to stress that the informations given above are from the last 2 years admission book. I do understand that your DD will take the exam in approx 18 months times, so please do check the admission book again in case there are any changes.

Hope the info helps

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 8:57 pm 

Joined: Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:19 am
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Thank you both for the replies - very helpful indeed. Of course I will check the paperwork carefully when our time comes around to make sure things havent changed :wink: .

Its a long way off yet but we intend to visit the schools on the open days in the Autumn to get more of a feel to where she would feel most comfortable fitting in. Her Primary is TINY, less than a hundred kids including nursery, so its going to be a big shock wherever she goes I think.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 2:45 pm 

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I think if you fail the St Martin's test it is unlikely that you would get a high enough score for a Chelmsford/Colchester grammar. I'm fairly sure the 11+ is higher than St Martin's entrance exam. Based on that I would put one or two grammars first and second, then St Martins then a non-selective comp. If you don't get a high enough score in the 11+ for two grammars, St Martin's then counts as your first choice.

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