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PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:59 pm 

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I need some help - about WGSB over-subscription criteria (copied below). Very grateful if anyone can clarify on some very basic things:

1. What exactly are 'community places'? To use those, I presume children must still score 'enough' in their 11+ tests?
2. Criteria 2 in 'community places' implies that the 19 kids who live closest to the school would get in even if they did not score highly in the 11+ tests (i.e. based purely on distance from school, not ability) - would anyone know if that is true?
3. Same question for criteria 4 in 'community places' - presume this only applies to children who score enough in their 11+ tests, or is this dependent exclusively on distance from the school?
4. The additional comment (copied below) states those applying on criteria 2 should not even bother to take the test - that seems illogical (how can anyone be sure if they are amongst the 19 kids living closest to the school?). Would anyone know why the guidelines recommend that?

I presume these are easy questions for people on this forum - but I am very new at this!

Thanks in advance.

1. Children Looked After. See note (xiii).
2. Applicants whose permanent home address is nearest to the school and would not be allocated a place
under any other criterion (19 places, 10% of the total admissions) See note (xii).
3. Applicants with a brother enrolled at the school, excluding brothers who first entered the school in the
Sixth Form (Year 12 or Year 13). See note (iv).
4. Places will then be allocated to applicants living closest to the school. See note (xii).
5. Applicants selected on the basis of aptitude for music as measured by the school's assessment
procedures (19 places, 10% of total admissions).
6. Applicants selected by academic ability as measured by the school’s assessment procedures, in merit
order (48 places, 25% of total admissions)

Except for those applying under criterion 2 or 3, all applicants are strongly recommended to apply for both a
Community Place and a Specialist Place and to sit the school’s admissions test provided for in criterion 6.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:12 pm 

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Hi, elindio, and welcome to the forum.

Although the school has "Grammar" in its name, it is only partially selective. What they call Specialist Places are for those who score highest in the academic and music tests. Their "Community Places" are allocated without regard to the tests, e.g by distance or sibling, just as they would be in a comprehensive.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:21 pm 

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WP - thanks for the quick response and the welcome.

I would have been lost without this forum - with each local authority/school having different criteria and slightly different wording, etc - esp. as we are trying to explore QEB, WGSB, Parmiters and Dr Challoners (which incidentally seems to have its own rules on top of the ones which Bucks have!).

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