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Moving to Gravesend
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Author:  cool09 [ Mon Oct 21, 2019 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Moving to Gravesend

Hi, we are planning to move to Gravesend to be in the catchment area for Grammar school. My children are in year 6 and year 3 and are looking for a place in local primary schools for both of them. I am confused about whether to look for a house to rent or the school first OR move before/after 31st October. Most schools there don't have breakfast or after school clubs. I work in Woolwich at 8 am-5 pm. Are there any local childminders who drop off kids to schools? What evidence should I submit the council before 13th December? The school said 12 months tenancy agreement, bank statement, GP transfer, proof of moving the primary school to Kent etc. Do I need anything else? Thank you.

Author:  ToadMum [ Mon Oct 21, 2019 5:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Moving to Gravesend

Re childminders, some suggestions:

- Contact the schools you are interested in and ask if there are childminders who pick up from them ( the fact that a child is going home with a childminder should be known to them, for safeguarding purposes).
- local FB groups
- Childcare.co.uk is like the old 'childcarelink' website; you can search by area and type of childcare you are looking for. (Message to Mods - hope this last suggestion is allowed?).

Author:  inkypinkyponky [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Moving to Gravesend

I’m curious as to why you think primary schools in Gravesend don’t have breakfast or after school clubs?

I live in Gravesend and all the schools near me, Riverview, Tymberwood, Singlewell, Westcourt, Whitehill, Holy Trinity, Chantry and Wrotham Road all have breakfast and after school clubs. There are several other schools in Gravesend and Northfleet you can look at online to see what they offer.

Some start at 7.30am, some at 8am, costing between 80p and £3.50 per session, depending on the school and how much subsidy they receive. After school clubs finish at 5pm to 6pm, depending on the school and are all different prices. Some are drop-in, some have to be booked and paid for in advance and there will be waiting lists.

Have you actually phoned or emailed any of the primary schools? Or contacted KCC to see if there are any spaces at any schools?

There have been so many new houses and flats built in Gravesend and Northfleet (collectively called Gravesham) that most primary and secondary schools are full. Be aware you might not get both children in the same school and have to join a waiting list.

There are many child minders in the area who work from 7am to 7pm and most drop off and pick up at one school, but not two, as driving and parking at Gravesham schools at drop off and pick up time is a nightmare!

Regarding what you need to provide regarding a tenancy agreement, the school (I don’t know if you mean a primary school or the boys’ grammar or girls’ grammar) has told you a list.

Contact KCC directly if think you need anything else. Most people on this forum won’t know this info as they’re not moving into Gravesham.

Google KCC Education and you’ll easily find phone numbers and email addresses to contact regarding in-year admissions and secondary admissions.

Author:  cool09 [ Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Moving to Gravesend

Thanks a lot, ToadMum and inkypinkyponky for your replies. I spoke to KCC and there is one school that has spaces for both children. I couldn't speak to anyone at primary school as school offices are closed during half term, but have emailed the schools I am interested in. I visited the area and spoke to a few parents whose children go to local primary schools and they said there is no breakfast or after school clubs at their child's school or it starts at 7.45 am/8 am and finishes at 5.30 pm. I need to go to work by 7.15 am the latest and can only pick them up at 6 pm.

Inkypinkyponky, as you live in the area you know it better. I may need to use a childminder for pick up and drop off.

KCC only asked for tenancy agreement, but grammar school admissions manager asked for evidence of moving to the area which includes transferring to the local Kent primary school. This may be because some people play the system and won't actually move.

Author:  inkypinkyponky [ Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Moving to Gravesend

It sounds like you’ve been very thorough in visiting the area and asking KCC about things already, well done!

Some people move and are surprised that local primaries don’t have room for their children. Good that you’ve already asked KCC and there’s a school that can take both, so that’s great.

A childminder definitely sounds the way to go for you, as you need longer hours wrap around care for your children. Hopefully the schools will get back to you soon, but as you say, it is half term this week and also next week too for some schools.

I hope your move goes well and that you like living in Gravesend, with all its history and lovely riverside area. We are a friendly bunch when you get to know us :D We moved to Gravesend from Dartford a few years ago as we couldn’t afford to buy in Dartford, but we really like living here and have super, friendly neighbours and friends, we wouldn’t move back now !

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