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Entering Bourne Grammar past year 7? Advice needed
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Author:  rachvant [ Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Entering Bourne Grammar past year 7? Advice needed

Hi all, having just moved recently into the area and from an area where there is no grammar school system, I am new to learning about how this works. I know my soon-to-be 12 year-old daughter is too late to take the 11+ for Bourne Grammar. Having just been to the open evening with my son, whom I have registered to take the 11+ this September, I was impressed and feel my daughter would be fine in this school also. She is musically inclined, is grade 6 violin at 11 years old after 3 years of half hour private violin lessons. Her violin tutors all say she could have a shot at centering conservatoire and it’s something she is thinking of maybe doing. She would be going into year 7 this september if she went to school, however she is homeschooled and says she wants to remain homeschooled. Well, I feel she is saying that because she is afraid of missing her homeschooled friends in the Cambridgeshire community, which is very large, and also she is worried she might end up quitting Ballet and taekwondo lessons if she is too busy with the schoolwork. As a homeschooled child, she has a lot more time to pursue extracurriculars.. I have taken my eldest, who has mild SEN and did not cope well in mainstream, through 6 GCSE exams as a private candidate, in which she did quite well without much help from specialised tutors (we had some in the home ed community who were happy to help now and then for free), but it has been a lot of hard work and cost-wise expensive as even without tutors, we had to pay more than £100 per exam subject to the exam centre ourselves. Long story short, ended up homeschooling all 3 kids. I will probably end up doing the same with my younger daughter if she remains homeschooled, but I do feel that Bourne has a lot going for it musically and science-wise (she is very interested in animals, also says she wants to do Zoology or Veterinary Science or even become a dog walker if all else fails :lol: ), and it would take a lot of the burden off me if she went and did her studying and exams there. Quite unlike her older sister, she is a fast learner but also very strong-willed and not as easy to coach as my eldest. I’m just wondering if it is a lost cause hoping for a place for her in Bourne.

We live in Peterborough and that’s not very near to Bourne either, which may mean catchment area-wise, my son may not get a place either. He is keen to go though, because he has 2 friends from group drum lessons who already go there, and he was happy with what he saw in the Open Evening.

I appreciate any advice and am happy to be told the truth, really, and if it won’t work I’ll just put it all behind us and focus on helping her get her GCSEs too eventually so she can go do what she wants in future, go to sixth form, college, or whatever she wants in future.

Author:  Guest55 [ Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Entering Bourne Grammar past year 7? Advice needed


I found this page on the school website - if you scroll down there is a section on Late transfer. There has to be a system as many families move so you might need to speak to the LA if you want Year 7 entry now.

https://www.bourne-grammar.lincs.sch.uk ... res&pid=59

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