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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 4:38 pm 
Help! Completely new to all this!

Firstly, does anyone know which books support the NFER tests for practice in non-verbal? Have done Bond-How to do VR and Learning Together.

Secondly, have worked through the Susan Daughtrey Verbal Reasoning series 1-5 and Test Papers 1&2. Is the Bright Sparks Test Papers the next one or does anyone else have any good ideas?

Many thanks!

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 9:36 pm 
Hi Kate,

My son did the practice tests at the grammar school a couple of weeks ago. He said the NVR test was exactly like the ones published by NFER - (standard version) - 60 questions in 5 lots of 12 questions, each section to be completed in 6 minutes. They were stopped after each section and marked it before going onto the next.

Apart from the NFER published papers we have used the following:

-Bond "How to do Non-Verbal Reasoning" - an easy introduction to method

-AFN "Non-Verbal reasoning Practice Tests A,B,C&D" - perhaps a bit easier than NFER but follow the correct format though giving more time. Multiple choice, but we just ignore the answer sheet and circle answers on the paper.

-Eleven Plus Exams "Non-Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests 1,2&3" - download papers from this site - again follow the format but are multiple choice and give more time.

These are the only papers I have found to exactly mirror the types of question without adding in a lot of "irrelevant" types.

For Verbal Reasoning if you have already done the Susan Daughtrey Books 1-4 then the following are good though not exhaustive of all the question types:

-Susan Daughtrey Bright Sparks Test Papers

- AFN - Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers - in 2 books - !-4& 5-8 - a little easier than the real thing but 100 questions in 50 mins like the real one

- IPS - "Verbal Reasoning Method and Technique" - very useful "how-to" book
-IPS - "Verbal Reasoning Additional Practice Questions" - good for practising particular types of question

- IPS - "Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers" - these are 30 minute papers (50 questions) good for shorter practice sessions

- The Tutors - Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers 1-12 - downloads from this site

-NFER - Verbal Reasoning Practice Papers (standard version) - but be aware that there are only 85 questions to do in 50 mins whereas the real thing has 100 in 50 mins and not all the question types are covered.

This is not exhaustive, just the ones we have found useful and most relevant.

Best Wishes,


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 8:53 am 
Thanks Sara, that really is a great help! We had previously been just working on verbal reasoning and put non-verbal on the backburner, hence when my son took the practice non-verbal he did not find it easy. I now have the NFER papers, which have been out of stock, and will get hold of other papers you suggest and get cracking! How did your son do, did he find it easy?

When you mention the VR practice paper your son did, do you think it included the HIKNOS questions? If so, have you come across these in any of the books? My son is due to take his practice paper this week sometime in school!

The 3 line word crossword questions are covered in technique no 9 of Susan Daughtrey and the code type questions are technique nos 32 & 33 if you havent found them already!

Many thanks for your help and best wishes


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 12:06 pm 
Hi Kate,

I think that the VR papers do include HIKNOS type questions BUT I am only going on what my son and my daughter remember, so don't take it as gospel.

All the practice papers mentioned - AFN, IPS, The Tutors and Susan Daughtrey Bright Sparks- include these types except the actual NFER papers which don't.

Son didn't find the practice tests too bad and I thought he had done OK considering we have not put much work in yet. They marked the papers on the spot and he said he got 88% for VR and he thinks about 90% for NVR (he lost count of score because they marked each section as they went along). Surprisingly he managed to finish everything which is usually a problem at home (less distractions??). In what we have done at home his scores are not very consistent. He is very quick and pretty good at the maths type questions but his vocabulary is not great and we have not really quite got to grips with NVR yet!

Best wishes


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 4:46 pm 
Thanks Sara for your reply. Have sorted some fresh papers and now about to tackle them. Good luck with your son and daughter! Thanks again,

Best wishes


 Post subject: 11+ Lincolnshire
PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 12:16 pm 
Hi All,

My son is 11 on 29.12.1995 and is sitting 2 papers one on Saturday 9.9.06 and another 2 on Saturday 16.9.06 containing Verbal Reasoning Non verbal reasoning, English & Maths.

Have just found this forum and am amazed at all of the information contained herein, however the realms of different papers and versions etc etc can be daunting. Therefore I wondered whether anyone could help with regard to the following questions:

1)Can anyone confirm that Lincolnshire use the Standard(rather than Multiple Choice) version for both VR & NVR

2) That Nfer Nelson set both the VR & NVR Papers

3) Are the English & Maths papers set by Nfer Nelson and if so are they Multiple Choice or standard or are they random and they just have to write a story/report etc etc in the english as this is what I am told they have done in the pass

4) The schools have advised that the English & Maths papers are only looked at if it is a border line case. Has anyone else heard this?

5) What is the 'expected' pass mark/percentage for Lincolnshire. I understand that they have to score 110 in each VR & NVR making a total of 220 minimum. How do they score 110 in EACH when there is a maximum of 100 questions in the VR and 60 in the NVR

6) What is HICKNOS?

7) How many types of questions are there. I think I read somewhere on this site that there are 35 different types of questions and that the Nfer Practice papers do not cover all the types.

8) What practice papers(beside Nfer Nelson) are best for Lincolnshire without bombarding my son with so may practice papers between now and
September that he gets fed up and burned out.

My son sat his practice papers on Thursday 12.7.06 and did quite well but I just want him to be prepared as much as possible. As far as I am aware he would have passed with the % he achieved

Your comments would be greatfully received from a concerned Mum

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 1:51 pm 
Hi Sarah,

Had to do a double take when I saw your post as we share nearly the same name and our sons share exactly the same date of birth!

In answer to your questions:-

1. Yes, the Standard version is used for both VR and NVR tests.

2. Yes, they are set by NFER.

3. I do not know of any Lincolnshire Grammar Schools which use Maths
and English tests as well as VR and NVR. The testing procedure is set
by the Consortium of Lincolnshire Grammar schools and up until this
year they used 2 VR tests, changing this year for the first time to one
VR and one NVR test.

4. See above. Which school(s) are you applying to?

5. These were the scores required for the 2 VR tests in previous years -
240 over both papers or average of 120. They are standardised
scores, that is the scores are adjusted according to the overall level
of scores achieved by the canditates and also for the child's age.
There is a link from this site to the NFER explanation of standardised
scoring and a large number of posts on it in other parts of the forum.
Different schools have different requirements for entry so you need
to refer to the school's own admission criteria. Some simply require
candidates to achieve the required score and use other
oversubscription criteria if there are more candidates than places eg.
sibling already at the school, residence in a cetain area, distance from
school etc; others give places in rank order of scores (usually initially
within a defined area).

6. HIKNOS refers to types of question as labelled by IPS in their papers.

7. I am not sure how many types of question there are in all. Certainly
they include the types published in NFER practice papers plus
HIKNOS plus some other types found in the Susan Daughtrey books,
including word grids, anagrams and mixed number and letter codes.

8. For the practice papers we have found most helpful see the thread
started by Kate. Sounds like we may be adding the new computer
ones which have just been added to the site as well!

Hope this helps.


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:04 pm 
Dear Sarah & Guest,

IPS uses the alphabet to label different types of verbal reasoning questions set by Nfer in Buckinghamshire. HIKNOS are 6 types of questions not generally used in other areas. If you look at the link:

http://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/vr-que ... region.php

You can see a similar list. HIKNOS will be numbers 16-21 in this list.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 11:03 pm 

Sorry, I made a mistake in the answer about scoring - it was as you said 110/220 not 120/240.


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 6:31 am 
Thanks for this. The Lincolnshire Grammar schools that have said that on 9.9.06 they will be sitting VR & Maths and on 16.9.06 they are sitting NVR & English are Spalding Grammar for Boys and Bourne Grammar. I thought that it was the same for all Lincolnshire Schools, but maybe not. I have to admit I need to look at detail the thread regarding the standardisation of scores.

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