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Any NHGS new starters September 2019?
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Author:  SenecaPliny [ Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Any NHGS new starters September 2019?

Hello fellow Yorkshire parents/carers

I thought it was time I delurked (these forums were an absolute life-saver as a home-tutoring 11+ parent) to stick my head above the parapet to say hello and inquire if anyone else’s child will be starting at NHGS this September?

My child took the Halifax and Bacup & Rawtenstall tests and ranked highly enough to have been offered a place at both. Controversially, (she says, donning a hard hat to avoid any potential flak), neither of us liked The Crossley Heath School when we attended the open evening, and my preference was for BRGS, but since my child actually put in the hard work and sat and passed the tests, I couldn’t really argue with her insistence on NHGS.

Reassuringly, I’m hearing only positive feedback from current parents and especially about the strong emphasis on pastoral care, which is particularly comforting as my daughter has significant health needs.

The only fly in the ointment is the ongoing review into school bus subsidies and routes, which is making me slightly nervous as, due to her health issues, I would need a guaranteed place on a private bus (her disability means she would never manage on public transport) and I worry about being priced out of affording to send her to Grammar school if the annual cost of the bus pass becomes any more expensive (very low income households).

Is anyone else’s child starting to get excited now?!

Author:  mum-of-two [ Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Any NHGS new starters September 2019?

Hi there

It is a quiet forum in Yorkshire but congrats on your child passing both grammar school tests. My DS did the Halifax and Heckmondwike tests and we were also in the lucky position to have passed both. As we are only a 1 mile walk from Crossley, that was the school my DS chose. I think it is a marmite school - love it or hate it. My favourite was Heckmondwike but transport was a nightmare from ours so that would only have been our decision had he not passed the Halifax exam.

If your child has additional needs re transport have you looked to see if you can get additional funding/support from your local authority for this. I take it if you took the BRGS exam you are fairly local there (isn't there a tight catchment for that Grammar)? What is the journey time like?

My DS is very excited about Crossley's - there are 5 kids from his Year 6 class going. I've only heard good about Crossley (the Head used to be the Head at BRGS).

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