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Author:  Trafford32 [ Sun Jan 24, 2021 2:52 am ]
Post subject:  Practice papers

On Bond, CGP and FPTP, what sort of percentages are considered good?

DD really struggling with NVR in particular for which she scores 50% or so. On verbal and maths she is better around 60-80%.

In Trafford is that considered good or bad or average?

Some of the NVR I have tried myself and they are not easy. Especially cube nets and 3D - is that likely questions on CEM?

Author:  KaBĀ£H1s3 [ Sun Jan 24, 2021 3:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Practice papers

We've not done any practise papers yet. I don't think we'll do any till Easter at the earliest. Are you timing the tests? Are the scores your DD is getting within the time limit? 50% sounds quite good to me at this stage. My DS probably wouldn't get through half the questions in a timed test, let alone get 50% correct.

We're working through the CGP books and we're still on mostly on 9-10. The books state what's considered a good score in the back. e.g. anything less than 39 out of 46 needs more practise.

You've (we've) still got 7/8 months to go to the test so I'd not be concerned about any weak areas. Kids will develop a lot in the remaining time.

Maybe work through the NVR books yourself, you'll be able to explain it to your DD if you can solve them. Or read the solution from the book without letting on that you find it difficult. CGP books are good for explaining the answers.

Edit: do you have a tutor? What's the tutors feedback? We're using a tutor. I'd be a quivering bag of nerves without our tutor.

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