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 Post subject: 11+ Pass Mark
PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:24 am 

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Does anybody know what the pass mark was for the papers and how you find out? By pass mark I mean the mark that comes on the results email. Do you just assume that the mark is out of 118 and then add them together? My son has been consistently getting 79 - 83% on practice papers but missed by 7 marks. What % of the paper does 118 equate to? We are getting conflicting advice from WBC and school re appealing as my son had a mitigating circumstances letter which went to the council but the headteacher decided not to appeal to the IAB as he hadn't scored more than 230. So fed up and disillusioned by it all but I feel like we need to appeal to help my son get over the disappointment of not passing despite working his ar*e off for over 12 months in preparation.

 Post subject: Re: 11+ Pass Mark
PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:31 pm 

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Hi Vicki1008,
Not sure what the highest score possible is for 11+ Wirral, but the "reached the required standard"(pass) mark is 236, I understand that the 2 papers are treated as 1 as far as results are concerned, the marks for each paper added together and that's your mark. Then the results are "standardised" so as children of any age within the year group have an equal and fair chance - referring to age.
As regards the headteacher not appealing to the IAB, my understanding is that the criteria required is very strict, along with any mitigating circumstances, the child needs to be predicted to be working at least at a level 5 in Math, Writing and reading by the end of year 6.
You can appeal yourself but not until you have been allocated a school in March.
Hope this helps a bit, I am also in a similar boat to you - it's beyond painful!
Good Luck.

 Post subject: Re: 11+ Pass Mark
PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:23 pm 

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Hi Vicki

I am also not sure what is maximum score nowadays. When my daughter sat it a few years back max score was 280 but I have heard of children that have got 282 this time so really don't know what max is now! As mammy1 says both papers are added together and standardised pass mark or what they class as grammar school standard is 236!

It would depend on your sons SAT levels, apparently appeal panels look for level 5 in maths and English at end of year 6! Also if he had a good NFER level back in February of year 5 then I think this is also a contributing factor, they need to be 117 and over and ideally really at about 125 I think! Am not sure in all primary schools but ours sit another NFER in February this year so we need to keep up with vocab and VR! Certainly we will have to as my daughter missed by two and was expected to fly through it, we are in total shock as is our Headteacher! He sent a referral to IAB straight away but they still knocked it back from which I am told is the norm for them because they want to put people off appealing! Have you had all the information from your primary school about your sons SATs and NFER? We are very lucky in the fact that our school at supporting us all the way!!

I also have contacted authority and they were as much use as a chocolate teapot!! Its disgusting that we have to wait until March! Don't know why they bothered changing system! Wrong time of year to sit it plus six exams in the space of two weeks is just dam right cruel for a ten/eleven year old child to deal with!!! My daughter just had complete meltdown although she wouldn't admit it at time! she also had to go to the school to sit it whilst other schools sit it in their own familiar surroundings!!! it is just dam right unfair system altogether!! Good Luck

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