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 Post subject: Relieved
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2006 5:18 pm 
First of all I would like to thank this forum for being a source of comfort over the last few months.Although I have never posted before the advice and opinions of other members has been very helpful.In October last year my sons year six teacher suggested that we apply for a place at our nearest grammer school.At the time we didnt realise that we would have to put it down as first choice, as we were told that in the past others had applied but were still able to put their local prefered high school as first choice. Great we thought nothing to lose.However the rules had changed and it became our first choice.How hard could it be I thought, eight, weeks to revise not bad.WHSmiths became our second home.Wed never heard of verbal reasoning but we soon learnt. My son revised, I revised to help him revise.We worked together and as the weeks went by I began to feel more and more guilty.Guilty that I was putting my son under pressure,that in my naivety I had not realised how much work he had to do and that eight weeks was not long enough.The day of the exam came and we were relieved when it was over.My son passed and recieved a place, we were and still are overjoyed.However I would like to suggest that if a school has a child or children that would benefit from a grammer school education could they please let them know in year five.My son is a bright and intelligent child who in year 5 scored level 5 in numeracyand literacy It would have been far less pressure if the suggestion of grammer school had been made then. Thanks to all for listening.[/b]

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:58 am 

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Dear Relieved Guest

Well done to you and your son....just shows that it can be done, using the right approach, just a little bit of pressure and providing the right material.

Your comment concerning schools informing parents of the possibility of grammar school education.......The problem is that many teachers/schools/LEAs frown upon any form or tutoring/coaching [ whether by parent or private tutor] together with the fact that NFER make it clear that any familiarisation, other than the official practice given by schools, is saturation and therefore not needed......this statement would probably be true if ABSOLUTELY NO ONE coached/tutored their child.....but hey we live in the real world and that is just NOT going to happen [ unfortunately!!]

It is a fact that [ Bucks ] state schools cannot give any form of coaching, its a fact that many Bucks teachers are encouraged not to promote any form of coaching, its a fact [ well my opinion] that a child, bright or not, just cannot gain the required standard, in the alloted time, with NO extra input.

Hence why sites like this are an absolute GEM....helping/advising where needed. Just a shame that more parents.....especially 'poorer' parents[ who definitely cannot afford private tuition] cant access this site, or dont know how to. I do find it a crying shame that there are so many bright, poor children that cannot attain grammmar places ....but then thats another story [ one that is very close to my heart]

Think I am now rambling!!


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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 2:38 pm 
My children went to a primary school in a highly deprived area ,but it had a very supportive head who did selective revision with the children taking the exams,as such both my children passed as did 7 other children,now there has been a change of headteacher who offers no support and as such since she has been there no one has passed including my youngest child?

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 7:24 pm 
Thanks for your replies.You have confirmed what I suspected and although previously ignorant on the subject of SHOULD WE APPLY FOR A PLACE AT GRAMMER SCHOOL thanks to this forum we are now more informed.

Since my son has recieved a place I have been approached by some parents as to how to apply and succeed. Unfortunately, I do not have all the answers. However if you feel your chid has the ability and would benefit from being educated at grammar school then take the plunge. Do not wait for your school to suggest it,when it maybe too late. I will certainly be encouraging those parents who express an interest to apply, to be informed, access this website and revise somewhat earlier than we did. Good Luck. :)

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