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PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:37 am 

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Can't believe one year has passed since we were in the same position as those sitting indie (and HBS) 11+ exams in January. With the hope that it will be of some use, a few thoughts on how we spent the last couple of weeks:

1. Final prep in getting DD used to different formats* (N London Consortium, NLCS, SPGS) and review of the fundamentals in each subject area.

Around this time, DD was still not having an easy time answering questions to English passages (particularly where inference was required) so we told her to just answer questions in a straightforward manner (full sentences, correct punctuation, answering what's asked, etc).

* Re: HBS, we didn't know what to expect and hoped that doing past papers for the above schools (plus MGS) would be sufficient.

2. We tried to ensure DD was well-rested, particularly 3 or so days prior to the first exam (she had four in a row in the first week of Jan - as luck wold have it, the exam that she found hardest (SPGS) came first, which - in a way - helped her to manage the other exams that week). She didn't do any further work (except reviewing notes) between exams that week. She also asked to return to school after the 2nd and 4th exams and we said fine.

3. We tried to manage DD's stress level by emphasising effort rather than outcome. We also applied to a range of schools and told her that any of them would be fine (and she would be okay even if none panned out). Before each exam and after all were done, we told DD that we were proud of her hard work.

One more thing - as parents know well (which is the cause of their anxiety), even with studious preparation, not all DC will get their first choice offers. The good news is - fast forward 12 months - that many/most DC appear to be happily settled at their chosen schools (even if not their first choice back in Feb/Mar).

Happy holidays and best wishes to you and your DC.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:34 pm 

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Indeed, hope the last minute prep is going well for all.

At this stage we did do some days of 3 or 4 papers so that the experience of a whole day of testing wasn't too much. A bit grim, but balanced with lots of treats.

Unlike Lost, ds did have a preferred school. So we chose 2 other schools as back-ups, as much by looking at the test dates and ensuring that our preferred school was the middle date. We tried to avoid successive days of exams. From past experience I knew 2 schools would let dc sit as late candidates even after the main test day, and know of people who deliberately applied late and did get places and scholarships.

Ds stayed off school until the end of exams. Too many other pupils sitting the same exams, and I didn't want him facing the post-exam analysis.

Don't forget that the interviews are important. Definitely worth getting someone to do a mock interview. If only to remind dc that when asked what they do in their spare time, the answer can include cricket, cubs, choir, etc and simply be "watch television" :roll:

MGS papers are gruesome, but do have a lot of good problem questions which tend to appear at the end of maths papers.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:15 pm 

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Just the one test on 5th Jan. No prep since DD sat the state grammars in Sept, as this is a 'if it is meant to be so be it', if not then go to the grammar one mile down the road which is a great school with a cry of 'great, I won't be poor for the next seven years' so either way we win. We did think of pulling out of the test but DD likes the idea of school on a Saturday, we love the idea of the IB, lack of government interference and all the extra opportunities that the Independent school can offer. Good luck to everyone.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:26 am 

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We've applied for 3 different schools for my DD. She's currently in State so it's all slightly unknown. She's had taster days at all three, but it still seems very intense!! We've got a busy week planned of doing various papers, then nothing at the weekend before her first on Tuesday, which is the one she really wants to go to. Eeek!

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