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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:26 pm 

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Dear Parents,
Could you kindly review the following schools based on your experience

Old Palace of Whitgift, Croydon (IND)
Bromley High GDST (IND)
Newstead wood Grammar

on the following

Quality of teaching especially in Maths and Sciences
Pastoral care / bullying etc
GCSE and A level achievement
University admission support, Oxbridge success

From my research so far, following is what I felt, I may be completely wrong, so please challenge me.

Old palace of whitgift - Appears to be a very nice caring environment and lovely headteacher (who is leaving) , however the exam results are not that great esp for GCSE maths , only 9 out of 78 achieved grade 9. Less numbers taking STEM, with only 5-7 out of 32 achieving A*. http://www.oldpalace.croydon.sch.uk/Par ... hp?id=1266

Bromley High - Nice environment and facilities and good exam results. Couldn't guage the pastoral care or environment even after multiple visits. http://www.bromleyhigh.gdst.net/Results

Newstead woods - Very good exam results. Have heard contradicting views about pastoral care but majority stating that bullying is prevalent. Most stated that many children are supplemented with tutoring or parents taking over teaching to make up for the lack of quality teaching for some subjects in GCSEs/A levels. Is this correct. ? However due the driven parents arranging visits to silicon valley and other extra curricular activities, the school is academic and has a lot going on.
https://www.newsteadwood.co.uk/portals/ ... 202018.pdf

Please please this is not a grammar Vs private debate. I need advise choosing the right school for my sensitive DD who doesn't cope well in a bullying / less caring environment. She is academic but if the class moves slowly she would too.

Many thanks in advance . This forum is great and I have seen how selflessly parents help one another with advise. Hope you can help me too.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:39 pm 

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The new Old Palace head is going to be Jane Burton who was formally head of Wally girls before she took on managing the girls learning trust which is made up of Nonsuch,Wally girls and Carshalton High School for girls.
She was an excellent head at Wally girls and I am sure she will be the same at Old Palace.
Those three schools are miles apart.
Are you intending to move?
A close friend of mine had three daughters at Bromley High.
They were there from reception to GCSE.
All did well and seemed happy. I never heard there were problems.
We have known girls at Newstead too over the years.
Mixed feedback.I think the pastoral care has improved recently.
Lots of extra curricular stuff goes on.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:49 pm 

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I wouldn't look at the exam results too carefully, it sounds as thought the environment will be important to your DD, so I would choose on that. Her exams are 6 or more years away, the staff will change in that period, and probably the exams as well. Ditto university destinations etc, your daughter is an individual not a statistic so go with how you feel about the school & how easy the journey is.
Hopefully someone will come along with more information for you, but I also wanted to say that there is bullying present at all schools - anyone who says there isn't is turning a blind eye or fibbing! It's how the school deals with it that is important. Do you have parents locally with girls at those schools? Could you talk to them?
Good luck with your choice.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 12:03 am 

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An Old Palace mum who has two girls in the senior school frequently comments on the excellent pastoral care. On the other hand, one of the girls mentioned that, due to financial constraints, last winter they had to wear overcoats in lessons as there was no heating. This is second hand info but you may want to find out if this is an ongoing issue and if it's spilled into other areas.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:34 pm 

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Hi I think you would get more replies in Bexley/Bromley section about these 2 schools.
I got some really helpful replies about Newstead there. I have heard Bromley High have amazing pastoral care, the pastoral care at Newstead I have heard has really improved too under new head.
I think there will be parents with children at these schools on Bexley/Bromley site that will know more.
Don’t know anything about old Palace unfortunately.

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