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PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:22 pm 

Joined: Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:32 am
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Hi im new here apologies if posting in wrong place did scroll through and saw some key stage 1 mentioned.

Sorry if sound neurotic and pushy mum I am not honest!

A few things playing on my mind mostly year mine starts the city primary school crisis will become a secondary shortage .

Read that if child gets level 3 in year 2 sat,s that,s good indicator they get levels 5 and 6 in key stage 2. Has any ones child does badly at key stage 1 and caught up and exceeded?

In all honesty I feel horribly guilty and feel like messed up eldests education already.

She was always leader of the pack at nursery/preschool never had any worries about her starting school.

We picked a smallish rc primary 10 mins from house was although 45 per year so split intake although due to where her birthday was she was never in split class so was always reception but in middle, year 1 near the oldest in class 30, then pure year 2 here she once again combined with 15 youngest.

In reception she got lots homework, her teacher/job share was sick a lot but she was happy. At the last parents evening on that year did say im concerened shes not enjoying reading and picking it up as fast as others and was told not to worry every things fine.

reception report glowing

Efys scores well told 6 average and she got 6 for writing and reading
but 8 for numeracy and other things shes very social little girl who loved school so tried not to worry.

Then year 1 happened

In hindsight I should have got more involved sooner but parents evening no 1 told every things great shes joy to teach.

But my friends daughter was july same year and in split r1 class an her daughter and others seemed to be higher reading levels than mine or some in her year 1 class.

2nd parents evening was told yes there is some weakness an shes having extra help with phonics I thought great how proactive they doing something feel reassured.

Of course now looking back it was more to do with the year 1 phonics test introduced last year.

Last summer term was tricky one.
upset as she was behind others in her class.
silly petty row and low level bullying
struggling with homework.
getting 1 book a week

went to speak to teacher who told me every things fine.not to worry.

other things relavent
school ofsted downgraded from good to satisfactory and the report caused e some concern.

she passed the phonics test 38/40

end of year 1 report really bad said shes really struggling maths ad literacy,
she ended year 1 on oxford reading tree level 3 which is very low for that age.
national curriculum levels 1b writing, 1 b reading, 1b science , 1 b numeracy.
The expectation is 1a, went ee teacher who said not to stress that kids develop at diffrent rates shes where she needs to be!

Of course I dident want to expect low level expectation and her every year playing catchup. Most of year got higher even younger ones in r 1 class including freinds child whos ini genuis and got 1as and 2cs. I try not to get involved with the other mums chatting about grades but it alarmed me.

Over summer we did loads extra reading, writing and maths factor summer school.

When we started back we arranged appointment with head teacher and the class teacher.

The class 2 teacher took it quite personal we were not happy and felt she should get extra support but was told it was focussed on kids who got 1c or dident pass the magic phonics test and that our child was top phonics group and not to worry.
We have no idea why she was weak on science.They dident seem conecerened about maths at key stage 11 but said she was weak at it yet her efys numercay was above average.

The new class teacher was very strict set loads homework.
cue hours over crying over maths homework,
limiting reading to few pages per night , getting told off for over reading and was below nearly everyone elses levels in class and now younger ones combined was even more obvious how behind she was.

Spellings was getting 10/10 though year 1 and 1st term year 2 yet her spellings within written work are dire. new teacher said she needed to listen concentrate more, daughter said she dident understand, no one would help and confidence knocked.
She seemed so stressed and upset all time.
we tried to rectify it with head and teacher but they refused to listen to concerns or do anything.

We felt we had no other option than to pull her from that school as had lost confidence.
worried at effect of moving her mid year was after october half term.

Moved her to small village school half size but only 5 classes so mixed.
20 per year so she was in class 2 one of 10 year 2 and 20 year 1s.
new teacher was fab but had given notice so was finishing at xmas we were told of that before moving but felt old school so bad having nothing to lose.
Met with year 2 teacher 2 just before xmas for parents evening as missed one at old school and new one and wanted her take on dd before she left.

she said shes top phonics group. reading comprehensions fine but reading fluency and confidence needs working on, maths was ok not disaster, science good they dint grade science until end of year 2 in new school and science is taught in year groups of 20.
records and work transfered eventually only thing old year 2 teacher had graded at end term 1 was writing and put her at 1b still so saying made no progress over summer and 8 week term year 1. new teacher said she dident have enough evidence yet to regrade but not to worry but suggested she get extra one to one reading and spellings.

New school has no homework other than reading as much as she liked as enjoying reading more.

True to their word after xmas new teacher year 2 teacher no 3 started she likes her, ta giving extra one one help twice week snappy sounds and rapid read.
she gets to read from libary and online bug club.
mathaletics for maths if we want no maths homework.
specific literacy homework once a week for her .

2nd parents evening-really positive although they acknowledge she is behind some of the year 2 in her class so feel bad. worse shes behind some of year 1 as combined year 1 /2class.

The teachers levelling at end of this term and going to let us know.
Hoping shes on course for 2b which is expected min at end of year 2 but not hopeful about her hitting level 3 as massive jump in sub levels.
I feel shes made lots of progress is happier and getting one to one help she was being denied in last school and although the differntiate work its in much more subtle way than before and teachers very much carrot not all stick.

Friends daughter-at old school- well was told hes 2a already and anticipated to hit level 3 so shes rather smug and not very tactful about that making out that mines is very behind.Glad to be out of the pressure at old school.Worried that they need to improve would mean extra pressure on kids.

new schools very relaxed low key. what should i do to prep for sats if anything?
we reading a lot and doing maths factor and cbbc games.a
science bit more optimistic school will, raise that easily so just concentrated on writing, reading and maths.

Once again sorry for essay.

Im not sure right now where her strengths lie.
Shes very sporty does gym outside of school and told in school shes good at it to which think should be pay enough for bit.

Last sports day won all 3races.

last school wasent sporty at all new school is much more active shes doing afterschool gym and wants to do football and netball too.

Music last school dident allow instruments until year 5 which i felt late new school year 3.Also shes joining choir.

Speaking to few year 6parents last year and this year im so confused what to do.

We have no grammers
The city overlaps 4counties.
3 of the cuty top state schools are academies 2 were were private gone state other 2top performers are faith schools.

The girls academy banding on postcode lottory with 10%intake on passing language test.
catherdral again lottory but%musical aptitude test.

3rd is academic entrance test of some sort not 11+lottory.

Rc-cant as we not rc and oversubscribed..
Coe we could as batised coe but need 3years regular church attendance to get us in top group.

look to gloucestershire grammers 11+.
Look at academy in bath.
look at independents and wonder if could get scholarship /bursary possibly on sports.
we have many to choose from as most state comps dire.

local comp 43%gcse pass rate.
Local academy better but just so big.

We look round in year 5 apply start year 6 so another 2half years away.
Thinking about it now gives me time to put extra plans in motion.

Want to pick right senior school for daughter after primary mistake, ensure by key stage 2sats shes hitting higher levels, that shes happy and school best suits her and ideally get her on even academic playing field by start year 3/junior years.
The more options we have the better.

Sorry if sound mad.Hoping she catches up and can get into one of few good schools we have.

Anyone else been where I am?Love to hear some positive stories.

Eldest has 2siblings so stress feels like never end.

Prepared to tutor or go church more regular and support her in extra curricular so need to get her able to play one instrument high grade, good at sports, start learning foreign language ect.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:40 pm 

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And breathe!

Honestly I wouldn't worry. You have moved schools, that is a major upheaval for a small child, now let her just get used to her new school and enjoy it.

Many children find it hard to learn to read, but that doesn't mean that they will be a weak reader in the future. I have seen pupils go from level 1 in KS1 to level 5 in y6. In ks1 reading is often about the mechanics of reading, later it is all about comprehension. And who cares where other people's children are on the reading scheme? It won't make your child a better or worse reader.

These things will help your child to make progress: read TO her, discuss the content, enjoy books together; play board games; cook, allowing her to measure the ingredients; let her go shopping using pocket money; show interest in work sent home from school. Do not bother with SAT revision it's a waste of time.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:42 am 

Joined: Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:32 am
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Thank you so much for reply been such a stressful time.

I feel so bad for picking school no 1 and not pulling her in year 1.

Her readings progressed massivly so not worried about fact she cant read but concerned she wont hit expected 2b.

At end of year 1 found it hard as she got just below expectation on everything so wasent sure where to start.

over summer we did reading challenge
read more
played scrabble/monopoly

The maths factor and educational games helped.

shes getting one to one school she need they recognise readings not just baout phonics shes fine at phonics. she has handwriting group and thats improved.

I pretty hopeful when graded at end this term will show some progress.
I trust the school they have good sat results keystage 1 and 2 above lea and national.

Im ignoring over competative freind and so called genuis child as that child made mine feel worse.Shes still moaning old school not stretching her daughter enough.

Just dident want mine forever playing catch up slightly behind each year.
Moving to year 1 class has just demonstrated to me how rubbish old school was.
Thankfully as I said they much more subtle and daughter has no idea what reading levels everyone else is on and doesnt mind being in lower groups.

I been so busy trying to get her happy and settled at new school.
she loved teacher no 2 but she left. she likes new teacher but made parents evening tricky as shes not taught her long.

daughter really seems to enjoy science and small groups of 20 hopeful she can excel in that area. I never wanted her to be top of class just think it be boost to her confidence if she excelled and got recognised in one specific area.

Maths old school used words really bad new school dont see it as huge problem they seem to teach in different ways and think as shes year 1 class shes getting ta pretty much in class all the time.

Shes really enjoying topic work and at home loves watching documentries.
she seems to be able to retain quite a bit of info as learns it from tv or school comes home and chats to us like shes the expert she loves space and nature.

Its what got so upset as feels shes has potential at 7 its hard to know here she will be in 2half years time when we have to start looking.

I would ideally this year only 6months left get her to 2a or 2b by end year 2 think level 3 be too much leap as 5sublevels.

Would be great if she could move up a group shes currently moving up reading levels.

Would love her to start year 3 all caught up with majority of peers so she stands equal chance if doing well at juniors and not playing catch up.

Then hopefully by year 6 she stands good chance hitting level 5 and that poor performance at key stage 1 wont hold her back and she has opportunity to learn and hit higher level work.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:11 am 

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In my opinion at key stage 1, children should not even know that they are sitting SATS or what they are. Other than reading with a child of this age and perhaps some fun maths games I would not be getting involved. The school my kids were at for key stage one stressed this strongly to the parents. The kids had no idea what they were doing and were taken off in small groups to do the papers. They were relaxed, loved going to school and did well. I had no idea when they had even done them.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:02 pm 

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I have to say the most important thing I did with my children is probably to keep reading TO them until they wanted me to stop and find books they enjoy listening to rather than what you think is good for them ( though that could be the same thing). For DD that was about 8 and for DS it was 10. DS did not really read to himself at home until he was 10.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:08 pm 

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The school that had her on stage 3 reading books when she could get 38 / 4o in the phonics check was bonkers. Yes, you can beat the trend between ks1 and ks2. You can help your child do this at home if there's a bad patch at school for some reason.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:13 pm 

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Children develop at different rates.
If it puts your mind at rest, my DD at the beginning of year 2 was mediocre in reading (can't remember SAT levels), bottom set of three for maths and struggling with writing.
Something happened in year 2, she suddenly got the reading and started reading for pleasure. End of year 2 she got 3b in reading much to everyone's surprise. No fluke as she had done a practise level 2 paper at school the previous week and done very well.
She was moved to the middle maths set later on in year 2 then top set in year 4. She is now at the top end of the top set in year 6. She is predicted a good level 6.
Her writing is still her weak spot by far, although the changes to the writing SAT helps, as she is good at spelling, grammar and punctuation. She just can't write stories under time pressures. She will still get a level 5 overall.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:31 am 

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Good luck. Children can definitely make up for a poor education in year r and ks1 but it does depend on home and school.

Have you tried buying some nice little workbooks from wh smith which make it clear what's needed?

I am afraid I find your descriptions of what your dd can do rather vague. I grasped that she got 38/40 in the phonics test but the rest apart from the fact she was still on ort stage 3 at some point was rather unclear to me.

If I were you I'd forget what has not happened so far, get a clear picture in your head about what your child can do, and move on from there.

Reading is key. Buy a good phonics reading scheme e.g. Read write inc in black and white and work through it consistently at home. Unless she has some true kind of reading difficulty she will be 3c reader by the end of this year. Whether she can answer a written comprehension well enough is a different matter.

Try plus 2 from power of 2 publishing to boost the maths quickly, easily and logically.

I help out one to one at school. I see few struggling children who couldn't improve massively with a well focused 15 mins at home each day. Mostly they are sent home with random rubbish for homework which isn't going to help. Old ort books for example.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:44 am 

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I used the read write inc books at home with my son and they really helped. Look at www.oxfordowl.co.uk as there are free ebooks for all levels on the site and lots of information on helping with reading.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:27 am 

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Ds1 went from 2b's ks1 to level 5 in ks2. I think this was due to him being a "late developer", and the junior school is a good school and he needed to change.

I didn't do extra help until year 6 before ks2 SATS. I worried about him at infant school, I thought he'd never learn to read. He was just slow.

Don't worry - just carry on doing as you are - games, cooking, and as everyone says, reading. You can only try your hardest! Good luck.

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