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 Post subject: appeal concerns
PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:49 pm 
Hi, I sent the appeals notice today and although we have obviously decided to persue the appeal I would value opinions on whether our appeal has "legs". We are in Lincolnshire and our child scored 214 in the tests. We had mitigating circumstances (death of a close relative) but my greatest concern is that it seems to be fairly well accepted that straight level 5s in SATs are what is required. My child is predicted level 5 writing level 5 reading but level a 4a science and 4b numeracy with a reading score of 127. The Headteacher is supporting us. Would appreciate any input. Thanks

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 9:09 pm 

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Hello Duckie,

Much will depend on how strong the mitigating factors were (how near in time was the death to the tests; how close was the relative, how involved with your child; did your child show the impact of this in their day to day work at school, etc) and what other alternative evidence is there of high ability (does the 127 reading score refer to a standardised test by NfER? Have they done any other standardised tests in school?) Unfortunately, whereas it is by no means the case that all Grammar school children have attained all Level 5s in their SATS, it certainly helps to have these predicted if you are having to prove your child's ability at appeal.

Did your Headteacher make representations to the Grammar school when results first came out? If so what reasons were given for refusal? I do not like to be discouraging,( and I would still say that if you and your child's school feel that they belong in a Grammar school then go for it, always!) but we should remember that in Lincolnshire, unlike in Buckinghamshire, practically all non-qualification appeals will already have been through a headteacher's review stage so there is a bigger hurdle to climb and we cannot compare the rates of success at appeal in the two counties.

How strong is your headteacher's support? If there are successes in school which have not been mentioned or if there is anything further which comes up between now and when the appeal is heard, do not be afraid to go and pester him/her for an additional report. You do have a fair amount of leeway as a parent to add further evidence after you have submitted the papers (though should it be as late as "on the day" you should go armed with at least 6 copies of anything new).

Which school are you appealing for? Are there still places left or do you also have to prepare for an oversubscription appeal?

Remember, you have nothing to lose by appealing so give it your best shot.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 11:11 pm 

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I totally echo Alex in the sense that "what have you got to lose?" Nothing but you have everything to gain.
If you believe that's were your child should be then fight for it, if you don't nobody else is going to.
I wish you all the luck in the world with your appeal and your welcome to stick around this forum for support, there are some great people.
What was the pass mark you needed?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 12:06 pm 
Hi, Thanks for the replies.
In response to Alex, the death was in between the exams with a short spell in hospital before both exams and it was a great grandfather, the school say any evidence of grief would be subjective. We have included school reports and a letter with projected sats results from the head. The 127 we were told was a standardised reading score. As far as Im aware there are no other tests from school other than the usual. The head thought that they were only able to make representations for pupils who missed by just one or two points and not as many as 6, however they have made it clear they support our actions and have written a short report. The school is Spalding High and according to county it is full so yes we will need to appeal oversubscription as well!!
In response to Appeal Mum, the required pass mark was 220

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 1:41 pm 

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Hi Duckie

Concentrate on the academic evidence that you have, and the Head teacher's report.

The mitigating circumstances are very much a secondary factor. I think a panel is unlikely to consider the death of a great-grandparent as having been highly influential on the test result, because presumably he was very elderly and there was a degree of inevitability about it. However, if your son was extremely close to his great-grandfather, or his death caused very significant disruption in your lives during the period of the tests, then you may find a panel more sympathetic.

If the usual "appeal margin" in Lincs is around 2 points and you are 6 points adrift, then you need to be prepared for your appeal to fail and have the best alternative you can find lined up. However, you have nothing to lose by appealing, the Head is supporting you and has faith in your child's ability and you don't want to forever be thinking "what if...?".

Good luck

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