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 Post subject: appeals decision
PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2007 10:24 pm 
We got the result for our son's appeal for a voluntary aided school in berkshire, not good, but on the whole I think it was maybe the right result for our son as he will be the top at the school he will go to instead. However, I am concerned at the decisions made for other children, 3 children so far have been given a place from my son's school, I'm not sure how many have been given altogether. They seem to have given places based on a bad year for a couple of children and I know for a fact that my son's academic results are better. I based his appeal on academic evidence and did not make a song and dance about mitagating circumstances. It seems I made a mistake with this panel. I know 2 of the children are struggling at school at the momement and are not level 5s, so how can they justifiy giving grammar school places to children who are not coping and were given extra time in the 11 plus for dyslexia etc. Please tell me that I have got this all wrong, as this system seems so unfair!! :evil: :evil: Also I know there are children who are brighter than my son who didn't get a place. Even more :evil: :evil:

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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 12:42 am 

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I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your predicament. It really must be crushing to hear that. I've been reading these forums for a while now on behalf of my sisters grammar school application and the general consensus whether your child has missed out on the 11+ by a couple of marks or hasn't gained a place due to oversubscription is to make a big deal how academically able your child is with the usual evidence et cetera.
Did your son just miss the grade boundary or was it oversubscription? If the former then, unfortunately the other children had a good excuse and if well may have scored highly, however if the latter, so the only issue being oversubscription, if your son as my younger sister passed the exam and couldn't gain a place, in my honest opinion this is out of order.

I would be inclined to re-appeal this decision if your child passed the examination because in all honesty, tough luck on the other kids if they failed...why should your child be denied a place.

I might be wrong and a complete tanget but possibly it could be an LEA influence because dyslexia would be a burden on the normal comp. school (my school had to employ a dyslexia support staff at the loss of biology and physics equipment!!) so it would be better to shift the child to grammar school thus able to recieve better teaching and support so the child reaches the recommanded academic ability of the age group. Furthermore, in the case of my sister and possibly your son, sending the academically able child a comp. school would push up the school results and the rubbish research that suggests mixed ability subject groupings pushes up the average class grade because of the positive effect of the academically able child(ren) to the less able children.

Personally, I lost out of going to a good school because of this catchment area ****** and had to go to a bog standard comp. yes I'm at med. school and have done alright for myself BUT no thanks to the ****** school and LEA.

Sorry for the rant and hope it all goes well. Chin up.

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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 6:33 am 

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If the school are telling you that increasing SEN staffing meaning they had to forgo the equipment it is complete rubbish!!

The LA allocates funding for SEN based on the children on the SEN Register and the number of statmented pupils. It had no control over the choices schols make in using the funding ....

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