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 Post subject: Appeals Evidence
PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:49 pm 

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We are appealing for our daughter to got 119 on both papers. Head teachers summary sheet is very supportive. She was 19th on OoS, 31 children in year group of 61 passed.

We keep getting advice from helpful (!) people who say to get letters from everywhere including dancing class, swimming club and guides to use as evidence and to take along a photo of the child. We have read Etienne's appeals info which is soooooo useful and note that she says only use academic evidence. We want to go with Etiennes advice and don't want to send loads of irrelevant stuff for the panel to plod through but of course feel that we have to leave no stone unturned. Is there any reason to get these evidence letters and will the panel pay any attention to them if we do.

Thank you :shock:

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:34 pm 

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Hi Hope

:roll: Please, please, please don't listen to these people!

It is entirely possible that they have appealed successfully with all this stuff in their case, but it will have been the academic evidence that won the case, and the panel will not have thanked them for all the extra verbiage they had to wade through.

The panel's job is to decide if your child will cope and thrive academically at a Grammar School, and you have to prove that case.

How is a photo going to prove that? She may be a wonderful dancer and swimmer, but there are plenty of wonderful dancers and swimmers who struggle academically even in an Upper School!

The panel may ask about her extra-curricular interests as a "filler question", so by all means take along her most recent certificates for any of these interests to the hearing. If the question comes up, say that she is a keen participant in X, Y and Z interests and you have brought her most recent certificates along and will submit them with her schoolbooks at the end of the hearing. That will provide proof that she does these things without bogging the panel down.

We are appealing for our daughter to got 119 on both papers. Head teachers summary sheet is very supportive. She was 19th on OoS, 31 children in year group of 61 passed.

You have two consistent scores, a supportive Head's report an a strong position on the OoS. Just gather together all the academic evidence - reports, schoolbooks, etc, and stay focussed.

P.S. I am about to send you a PM.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:42 pm 

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Hello, Hope

I think your acquaintances mean well but are giving out very bad advice.
The current BCC selection appeals booklet specifies "evidence of any intellectual or academic interests out-of-school".
www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc/get/assets/docs/ ... t_2008.pdf

It is not impossible that panel members will ask about your daughter's other interests, but if so, like Sally-Anne, I suspect they will only be making polite conversation, and I do not believe for one moment it will affect the outcome.

IAPs are quite used to a framed photo of a sweet-looking child on the table in front of them throughout the appeal. A bit of emotional blackmail won't do any harm ....... but don't expect it to sway them! :D

Anyway, enough said! - you know my views already :D.


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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:50 pm 

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I like to know a little background on the child, just out of curiosity. One paragraph with very brief details is enough:

"Johnny has just passed grade 8 banjo with distinction, plays in the national skittles squad and has just finished a half size copy of the Bayeaux Tapestry in counted cross-stitch. He also has attended workshops with the local NAGC group since he was 4".

Grade 6 or above music implies at least grade 5 music theory which is of interest academically, but the skittles & cross-stitch are just hobbies and show just that - that the child has hobbies. The NAGC meetings would be of interest, but of course would just reinforce other academic proof.

Photo: A nice, smiley picture has no effect on me whatsoever - I've got two children of my own who can look angelic, but I know what they're like most of the time. I've twice had children brought in to appeals. With one it was rather embarrassing when the parents were discussing bed-wetting caused by nerves before the exam! It didn't sway us either way.

Good luck.


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