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PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:53 pm 

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Hello all

I have been reading here for the past year and now need your advice post results! My son passed the 11+ - we're in catchment for (Kent) Skinners, TWGSB and Judd. His scores are as follows:-

English 107 ( :shock: :shock: )
Maths 110
Reasoning 133

Total 350

We expected a low score on English but were shocked at his very low maths mark as he'd been posting 70% in controlled mocks and has been deemed as exceeding in maths at school. We're pretty safe for TWGSB but my son really wants Judd and also liked Skinners. The hard evidence for admission from Judd says last year they admitted 359 as its lowest score on the 2nd round. 2018's intake will have 1 or 2 new bulge classes so maybe the mark will drop? My friend got her son in last year on 358 by going on the waiting list - not at appeal. I have heard anecdotally they have taken at 352. What would you do next?

I'm aware we'll have no idea of the pass mark for Judd until March. I *think* if we put Judd 1st on our form it would not jeopardise a place at TWGSB. Is that correct? Would you stick Skinners in 2nd as he liked that too, hoping their admissions mark will be low? We could potentially appeal for Judd/Skinners and do our best convincing but am I right to think his 107 result would work against or hope the fact he has passed already put us ahead of appeals from those who haven't passed at all? We are in the inner catchment for Judd. My son is very passionate about history, science and geography (not tested in the 11+) plus he's a very good all round sportsman - cricket etc.

I can't seem to find any topics about appeals among families who have passed but who want a better grammar.

Thanks in advance.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 3:12 pm 

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I have responded to this on your other thread. Please try and avoid opening multiple threads in different areas on the forum as it is difficult for people to keep track of them!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:37 pm 

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Welcome! :)

I can't seem to find any topics about appeals among families who have passed but who want a better grammar.
If the only issue is oversubscription, then you need good reasons for wanting a place at the school being appealed for:
http://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/appeal ... -school#c2

Although qualification isn't an issue, you might wish to argue that the academic evidence suggests your son was expected to score even more highly than he did:
https://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/appea ... ication#b1
      b. This section might also be relevant if the 11+ score was one of the admission criteria, and the score achieved was not high enough to gain a place. If you have sufficient evidence of academic ability – and possibly of extenuating circumstances too – then, in addition to any arguments dealing with the oversubscription part of the appeal, you may wish to argue that your child was expected to perform even more highly in the 11+ than he/she did.

      For example, if your child underperformed in two 11+ papers (VR and maths), and you have alternative evidence of very high VR scores and of very high ability in maths, it could be worth asking the panel to consider this. (You would need to explain why you are introducing the evidence.)

      Alternatively, would the current headteacher be willing to write that the school expected a higher score?

      It is entirely up to you – depending on the circumstances and on what evidence you have – to decide what sort of case you wish to put forward. (And it is entirely up to the panel as to what arguments they will be receptive to!)

Advice on Kent schools is best given on the Kent forum.

We'll close this thread for the time being - but if you need further general advice about how to appeal, please start another appeals thread and we'll merge it with this one! :)


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