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PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:25 pm 

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My daughter scored 113 in the Bucks 11 plus with scores of verbal 122 (61), Maths 110 (27.5) and 98 (24.5). She was unsuccessful at selection review and initially I accepted this, but as the deadline is approaching for the appeals, I'm wondering if I should give things another chance. I believe her to be a very able child, although her Maths has always been less strong than her very able English skills. The grammar school she wanted to go to is within walking distance to our house. All those with a similar academic ability in her class have all passed and the school have always talked about her very able ability in English.

The headteacher gave her a 1:1 recommendation, including many positive comments and her predicted performance at the end of Y6 is: 111-120 for Reading, GDS for Writing and 111-120 for Maths. Her scores for all English have been L3 in Y2 SATs and GDS throughout KS2. Maths has been L2A then EXS. He included NFER scores for Maths which ranged from 107-111 and wrote that 110+ is EXS.

The selection review was rejected by the panel because "The panel could not wholly agree with the expected performance levels set out by the headteacher, or that the predicted outcomes could be achieved" and "Academic evidence presented, including the NFER scores, does not suggest that the predicted performance is likely in Maths". Also " Two elements of the Test were not passed and no evidence to support these were anomalies".

Please could you give me any advice about whether you think it would be worth pursuing this further?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:53 am 

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Welcome! :)

If in doubt, our usual advice is to take your case to an appeal panel and get their opinion. It's a free service!
Keep your options open.

But you must be realistic. Most appeals are not going to succeed.

Will your headteacher support going to appeal? Ideally you need a letter to say that daughter is on target for GDS/111-120.
Where there is a jump from EXS in Y5 to a prediction of 111-120, the school needs to justify and explain its prediction (e.g. greater maturity, recent rapid progress, the evidence of mock SATs papers).
You do not have to provide the letter now - it could be submitted nearer the appeal.

If you want to keep all your options open, you need write very little on the appeal form at this point in time.
Have you read our Bucks sticky?
See D11.
We suggest some wording you could use to argue that the review was not fair, consistent and objective.
And for your academic case and reasons for wanting a place you could basically say little more than "full details of case to follow".


PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:28 pm 

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Thank you for your advice.

The head teacher did mention 'recent rapid progress' in Maths, in the original selection review statement, but it didn't seem to have been taken on board. Unfortunately there's been a change of head teacher since then. I'll ask at school to see if there's any way I can prove the Maths progress.

My eldest daughter is at grammar school and lots of my daughter's friends of similar ability passed. The school did say they were surprised by her results. I just want to know I've done everything I can to help her. Although the local upper school is much improved, I just don't feel it's the right place for her academically. I'll have a look at all the links- thank you.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:43 am 

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Hi Springmum - just wanted to wish you luck and words of encouragement - we were successful at appeal last year with a STTS of 113 (low scores for maths and NVR pulled us down). We had a slightly different set of circumstances to you but just wanted you to know it is possible. Even if you are not successful at least you will feel you have done what you can for your child. The advice from this site was invaluable - on Bucks threads and appeals threads.
Very best of luck
Woobywoo x

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