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PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:18 am 

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The Warwickshire 11+ results are only a few days away now. Please may we advise/remind you of a few points?

- The results timetable is published on the Warwickshire County Council website:

- Test scores should be posted on Friday 18th by first class post, so for most people should arrive on Saturday 19th. EDIT - they seem to be arriving a day early, on Friday 18th.

- The letter will indicate the scores for the last successful candidates for the various consortium schools for the last 2 years. More detailed analysis of the scores for the last 6 years, including the average standardised score per paper or section are also in the sticky on this site: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7148

- Please read the material in the letter, and outlined in this post carefully before asking questions

- In particular, please avoid asking questions where the child has scored highly and answer is clearly obvious (e.g. my child scored 399 is this enough to get into KES?). Posts such as this are often seem as simply boasting and it can be upsetting to those who have not been successful.

- Please show sensitivity towards those who have not received the results they hoped for.

_ The results letters will give you your child's test score - both a total, and broken down by the score for each of the three components - Verbal, non-verbal and numercial - along with the maximum score possible. EDIT TO ADD - In previous years all 3 elements had equal weighting. This year it is 50% verbal and 25% each NVR and numerical. Final scores are made up of the standardised verbal score, plus the average of the two standardised scores for NVR and numerical. Therefore comparison with previous years is difficult - you best estimate will be to take 2/3 of the previous scores as a guideline.

- These are "standardised" results - you cannot convert from them to a percentage correct, and they will have been age adjusted to reflect the slight difference in performance usually noted from candidates who are younger in the cohort.

- The letter will also tell you your child's rank - overall, in your area(s) of the county if you reside inside one or more of the priority circles, from all children of the same gender, and from those of the same gender in your segment of the county.

- Many of you will know from the results that as long as you apply for a place (and you must still do this, the exam result is not the offer of a place) then you are likely to be awarded one - e.g. if you want Stratford Grammar, and your daughter is ranked in the top 112 girls in South Warwickshire you should be ok.

- For others the situation may be less clear cut, and in this case the qualifying scores for previous years can be helpful. You will be told these for the last two years on your results letter, and older data since the introduction of the current format of exam is available on theis forum: https://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/forum ... 37&t=30269

- There are also some stats https://www.elevenplusexams.co.uk/forum ... 69#p381879 - on the lowest ranking to get an offer on March 1st last year, which will give more quidelines in the areas where children may have a choice of schools - e.g. between Stratford Grammar and Alcester.

- If your score still isn't clear please remember that every year there will be children whose ranking would entitle them to a place who don't take them up - they choose to go to independent schools instead, perhaps opt for one of the Birmingham grammars, move away, etc - so not being ranked inside the PAN isn't a bar to getting a place. There is always a little movement on waiting lists.

- Try to avoid avoid sending questions via PMs to the moderators unless absolutely essential; most questions can be directed to the Warwickshire forum pages or the Appeals page. PM are only really for confidential questions, and on results days the moderators priority will be to answer questions on the forum where they can be of use to most people.


- Most importantly don't put a local comprehensive as a higher preference if you really want your child to have a Grammar education. There is no penalty for putting the Grammars as your 1st or 2nd choice - if you don't get a place your application will move on to your next choice EXACTLY as if you had placed it first. Every year on this forum we have 1 or 2 parents whose child passes the exam but then isn't offered a place because they put another school as a higher preference.

Best of luck - we have all been there before and understand the anxiety.

And finally - if the forum has been helpful to you, and your child could remember what was in the test, please do contribute by passing on this information via PM, so that we can collate it and help to produce guidance for candidates in future years.

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Very useful thank you

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