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 Post subject: school residential trips
PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:36 am 
My son has just started year 7,the school are arranging residential trips to a few different locations for the end of year 7. But our son is really reluctant to go anywhere far from home and really doesn't want to go(have visions of him still being at home at 50!!) He has stayed at his friends house overnight with no problem but the thought of going away from home with the school really worries him.Primary school didn't organise any residential trips so its a completely new concept to him. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:55 am 
We've a similar problem - our daughter went on a trip at Primary school this year. Even though she has done lots of sleep-overs and stayed at Brownie camp, etc. she got really homesick.

She is now supposed to be going to France with the school at the end of this year and really doesn't want to go.

We wonder whethe she will regret it if she misses the trip - especially since the school seems to do so much project work based on the trip itself.

Any thoughts?

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 10:43 am 

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I know how you feel. We are in a similar position with our son. He's currently in Year 6 and is meant to be going on a trip next year for a week. He is really worried about it and doesn't want to go.

I know he will look back and regret it. We obviously try to reassure him that he'll have a great time. Hopefully he'll be more acceptable to the idea in 6 months or so. I think if he knew he could share a room with his best friends then it wouldn't be so bad, so I think we'll have a chat to his teacher and see what they can do.

If he passes, the school he will go to seem to do a lot of overseas trips. I've no idea how we would get him to go on those !

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 12:48 pm 
Hi there all.

I read your posts and couldn't help feeling comforted as I have a daughter in year 5 who too is not a fan of staying away. She will only stay with one friend occasionally and outside of this the last time we tried a sleepover in year 4 I had to go and get her. I am only hoping by the time she does her first residential trip next year that she will be able to cope.

I do however think it is really sweet that we do have children who are still children and not in a rush to grow up which staying away is a part of.

My daughter has always preferred me to walk right into school with her and that didnt even change in year 4 like all her friends, most of them preferring thier mums not to be around.

With my daughter I don't push her as I feel like everything else she will get there when she is ready. (She nows walks into school with a friend). I consider myself lucky that she feels that closeness and you should too. I don't worry that she is not as confident as her friends when it comes to stuff like this as she is bright and funny and has loads of friends and isn't clingy when around other kids.

Some of us never get used to staying away from home, its one of those things.

I know its hard as I know I will be the same next year if she decides she doesn't want to go as I will worry she will regret it but if she does then there will be trips so she won't miss out forever.

Bare in mind too that things change they may say no now but come a few months may wish to go. BY all means talk to them about the positives and the great time they will have but whatever the case don't force them as you will send all your time worrying about them when they are away.

If they do decide to go then be prepared for last minute nerves with them. One of the things I do with my niece when she stays with us(another one like it), I ask her to write a note to her mum so she can give it to her when she goes home. Maybe I will suggets my daughter does something like that if she does decide to go.


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