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 Post subject: It's a Wonderful world
PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 11:06 pm 

A little emotional tonight and glad the whole event is over...

It is my second time, my eldest is at this very moment studying to do her A’ level's this year and a beautiful child she is... Secondary school takes a lot of the weight off the parent shoulders and instils this amazing confidence in a growing child... so after the 11+ all this fear factor is history. :)

I only have two children and, 'There but for the grace of God,' goes the pure fact that they both managed to obtain entry into a Grammar school. Oh and their own very hard work, of course...<hehe>

I didn't feel as emotional the first time round, not really sure why apart from, perhaps, I was a little more innocent and never really had consider the exam until being told my eldest daughters school that I should consider her taking it, and then was never really convinced that staying within the private sector wasn't the best choice. Sorry, but the private sector was all I had ever known, until approached. We allowed and she passed, her choice to go to the Grammar not ours and we have never looked back. How naive we were.

Well this time, of course, we were looking for it... we still believe second and youngest child needed to achieve the same level on her own merits, without extra help... and again the school she was at, screamed she should take the exam. Having an older sister of seven years and constantly trying to follow in her footsteps, if not always wanting to do better, helps aid the competive urge. :(

So she did and passed with an almost exact score, as her elder sister which was eerie...

The wait for results, seemed so much harder this time and then the results not arriving on time at the same time as most people received them due to a computer glitch was difficult to bear, not so much for me, but you know what children are like ... ? The school allocation for me was never in doubt, due to a sibling and the level of result, but amazingly it did to my daughter... the school phoned me today to ask if the Postman had arrived so that they could let my daughter know... How caring was that!?...

Now and to be honest my heart goes out to all those exceptional parents who have been on the forum today, the ones who have children who managed their first choices, and could hardly type for the pure relief or due to the adrenalin of all the past days of waiting, the pure angst and terror of opening those envelopes! But my heart has broken for the exceptional parents who have shown not just bravery, but pure beauty in congratulating others whilst hurting and wondering how to keep their own children high with the incorrect result expected... I am not sure I am as good a parent, and I believe a massive applause goes out to them for being some of the best, most caring, parents I have had the pleasure to cross. X

I have cried a few times tonight and emotion is definitely what the 11+ and great parents on this forum have taught me in abundance.
If I could change this world and results, I most definitely would have and words, even though I have wanted to reply so many times on so many threads, not including the hugging I have wanted to do... have failed me...

Thank you elevenplusexams for such a fantastic forum, but mostly to the parents who frequent it and make it what it is...

Night and the morning, they say, (not meaning to give a platitude) always makes things look better. :)

Me x

 Post subject: Yes it is all over!!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 5:01 pm 

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We shared all your emotions and more! our Letter still hasn't arrived but after nearly pulling my hair out I rang my daughters school, we had the best news and are still on a high.

Well done to your clever daughters!

:lol: (Happy Mum)

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