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Thinking ahead..11plus back up plans!
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Author:  mm23292 [ Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Thinking ahead..11plus back up plans!

We are pondering the 11plus process for our daughter, and need some advice on when or how we should approach it.
Most kids we know, have already started prep courses, or are starting after Easter, and round here, this seems pretty much the norm.
This seems very early, but without getting into the old age debate on selection criteria based on true potential, as opposed to who practices the most, we also appreciate that we could be putting our daughter at a distinct disadvantage, if we don't toe this preparatory line.
In this vein, we are also thinking about back up plans, should it not go well. In terms of the possibility of having to appeal, and the likelihood of her academics standing up to scratch, and whether we should consider a few independent options too.
She's had a very disjointed school life so far, due to illness. But is very able and doing really well at school. An EP assessment a few months ago, put her on a g&t level; 99th percentile, and 98th percentile for VR. Her working memory measured 140, which we were told was a very good indicator of academic potential.
Her school have also done CATs and the results were 141 for Spatial reasoning and NVR, 137 for quantitative, and 129 for VR.
Based on this, how would the relatively lower 129 VR score be viewed in any potential appeal scenario. Would they be looking for a higher VR score? Or would a higher mean score be viewed more favourably?
And given that CAT tests are based on potential ability, could the 11plus preparation process, actually help to bolster VR scores in general?
I'm assuming that given the EP report, pretty much mirrors the Ed P report, this would add weight to the CAT score confidence?
And finally, if we do decide to have some independent back up options, what level of scores might be indicative of scholarship potential? I've seen posts making reference to score requirements for some of the top schools, being 135 plus, which seems very high! It would be interesting to know if this really is the case.
Thank you!

Author:  sportsforall [ Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thinking ahead..11plus back up plans!

Which school year is your DD in now? I assume YR5, DD1 start tutoring once a week after Easter ready for 11+ in September. DD2 started in September of YR5 and decided it wasn't for her so stopped and did a few tests herself when she felt like it...but we are still waiting to find out if she got in.

It will also depend on where you are - the county boards would have better knowledge of requirements for local area.

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