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Author:  Coffeelover [ Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Chis and Sidcup / Beths / Bexley


I wondered if anyone had up to date feedback on these schools and how they have handled lockdown.

I am hopeful that our son will get Beths or Chis and Sidcup. I think we would be too far out on distance for Bexley.

It is just with decision day looming I wondered if anyone with children at these schools could provide feedback.

I am a bit rattled as my son also got some brilliant Independent schools offers with scholarships attached but I don’t think we really want to stretch now to private fees due to economic uncertainty.

Also in your experience do the children make good friends easily.

I am just having a wobble so if anyone could help with latest feedback or experience re Bexley Grammar schools I would appreciate it.

I find it difficult to tell them apart in terms of league tables or dept of education tables too?

Author:  BR5mum [ Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Chis and Sidcup / Beths / Bexley

My son is in Year 7 at Beths, and I have been really impressed with the school.

They have 6 periods a day, but since Sept 2020, they have been operating on a fortnightly rolling timetable with 3 double lessons a day, to minimise the amount of movement around the school, which has been good for my son, as he has fewer books to carry to school and less homework. He has most of his lessons in his form room. He only had to self-isolate for 4 days last term, due to a positive case on his school coach just before October half-term, otherwise I didn't hear of any other positive cases in Year 7 (unlike some of the Bromley schools which had to shut down in December due to the high number of cases).

Just before Christmas, my son was loaned a cheap laptop from school for remote learning - he gets to keep it until he leaves Beths (amazingly they have ordered one for every student in the school, although I don't think all of them have been delivered yet). This term, he has had live lessons all day every day as per the timetable, and the boys have to have their cameras on, to make sure that they are engaging in the lesson. My son says the online lessons are boring, but I think that most kids probably feel the same about remote learning! We are sent regular surveys by the school to ask how they are doing and for any suggestions/improvements.

My son took a few days to pluck up the courage to talk to his classmates (he was the only one from his primary school to go to Beths and was rather shy at first), but I think has made friends now, and he is happy when he comes home from school.

We chose Beths over Chis & Sid mainly due to gut feeling. I preferred the buildings at Beths and I liked the wide range of subjects on offer, plus I was really keen for my son to learn Mandarin. I've been very happy so far. Good luck for 1st March!

Author:  Coffeelover [ Wed Feb 24, 2021 4:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Chis and Sidcup / Beths / Bexley

Thank you for responding!

Reassuring post.

Author:  Fingerscrossedmum [ Wed Feb 24, 2021 9:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Chis and Sidcup / Beths / Bexley

Both my boys went to Beths, one is now at Uni and one is still there.
I can reiterate what BR5 mum said about how well the school have managed the online learning. Ensuring the boys keep on top of their work and checking if they don't whether pastoral support or a 'nudge' is needed.
My eldest left last year and in all the uncertainty in the run up to the non-exams, again the school made sure that everyone was ok and supported those that were struggling with it all.
I have a number of friends at other schools (not C&S though) and Beths have been, by far, the best during the last 12 months.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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