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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:34 am 

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I meant to post this last year, but as happens when things go right, I forgot! My very bright dyslexic daughter failed her 11+ by 5 marks in Sept 2016 (as was expected, as we couldn't afford a 11+ tutor and she is dyslexic).

We appealed. The appeal panel found that she 'was eligible for a grammar school place', BUT decided against giving her an "appeal" place as they only alocated so many places and she wasn't deemed 'worthy' enough. On request (by myself) of 11+ scores of the appeal places given, most of the places actually went to the kids only 1 or 2 marks off the pass mark. So clearly, when the appeal panel state that the children's 11+ marks mean nothing at appeal, they clearly do. As when they were presented with too many kids who SHOULD have gone to grammar schools (as per them in appeal)....they appeared to revert back to the 11+score & not actually look at each case....grrrr sooooo frustrating!!

Anyway....my daughter started co-ed secondary school and was placed in the Grammar stream and was doing well. However, it became clear that the school couldn't support her properly and she struggled with the distraction of various factors (dyslexia problems).

I then discovered we could apply for "In year application" for Weald (or indeed any school!) mid year, which we did (in the May of Year 7)

She passed those exams with flying colours (100% in 2 out of 3 CATS. ...not bad for a non tutored dyslexic kid eh?) and was offered a place at Weald immediately. She had clearly proved she was eligible/capable.

She is flying now, and is very happy. She is a classic case of a kid where the 11+ absolutely does not showcase them correctly! ☺

Please persevere if you feel 100% it's the right thing for your child. We felt it was, and have been proved 100% correct! Only you will fight for your child.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 10:15 am 

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Well done on trusting your gut and getting there in the end..I had similar with my son...a Dyspraxia diagnosis made sense of his difficulties and it is clear he also is very able in other areas...appealing for a grammar place was our route too...DS has just completed his GCSEs and it is very clear the school has been right for him. The SEN support and teaching has nurtured his abilities and supported his difficulties allowing him to flourish and not flounder....hope you dd continues to enjoy her school.

As for the original appeal...we never know the full picture of what the other cases being presented are...they may have had other academic evidence and more compelling reasons for wanting a place than the argument we put forth...you have used your energy wisely by at least trying the other school allocated and going down the year appeal route....fantastic that it worked out for your dd....

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 3:38 pm 

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EmJC, that is such a great thing to read. Well done for fighting for the place your DD deserved. Also, for us, it is good to hear, as our DD starts at WOK in September and she is dyslexic too! We were very impressed with the SenCo when we looked around, and are hopeful she too will really fly there.

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