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Language Choices

Discussion and advice on GCSEs

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Language Choices

Post by Krithi »

DD is studying Spanish, French and Latin currently and will have to give language options for Year 9 which she can continue for GCSE. She has picked Spanish as her first choice but is unable to decide between French & Latin for Year 9. She enjoys both Spanish and French but she came to know that Latin is an easier option in Year 9 and if she likes it can take as an optional subject in Year 10.

Can experienced Parents suggest which will better option Spanish and French or Spanish and Latin and why?

Many thanks
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Re: Language Choices

Post by sportsforall »

I cannot help on the choice but there is nothing 'easier' about Latin. It is considered one of the hardest GCSE subjects. However your DD sounds like she has a talent for languages so Latin can be a great foundation.
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Re: Language Choices

Post by semb »


I'm also not sure where your daughter has heard that Latin is an easier option - as far as I am aware (though I may be wrong), I thought out of Latin, French and Spanish that Spanish is thought to be the easier option.
Who knows!

If your daughter enjoys Spanish & French I would suggest those are the two she should choose - especially as I'm not sure it's true that Latin is easier.
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Re: Language Choices

Post by PerpetualStudent »

I think the reason some might perceive Latin to be an easier option is because of the lack of a spoken/aural element in the GCSE course.
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Re: Language Choices

Post by nyr »

It depends on how the languages are taught at the school. I often hear that Latin is hard but DS and DD, at different schools, found it to be easy and the 2021 Latin GCSE grades at their schools were good - over 70% and 50% awarded a 9 at DS and DD's schools respectively - and the last time public exams were taken, in 2019, over 85% received a 9 in DS's school. Of course, there is a large element of self-selection and only students who are confident will take the GCSE and this impacts the outcome.

The girls in DD's school seem to take Spanish at almost twice the rate of German or French, and the suggestion is that Spanish is the easiest of the 3, whereas German is the modern foreign language of choice in DS's school.

I think your daughter and parents with older children might be able to tell you how the languages are taught in her school, especially if she might want to study one or more of these beyond GCSE and good teaching will help towards developing a passion.
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Re: Language Choices

Post by Octsmum »


I think Latin is a great foundation for other languages like French & Spanish. It is not a spoken language. I think those that take it may have an interest in linguistics / languages as career or history / classics. But I don't think it is easy.

In my DDs school more take Spanish than French and German is the least favourite.

After much deliberation my DD chose French over Spanish because she preferred how it is taught with more 'language / grammar rules' that suits her. Content wise at GCSE all cover same topics.
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