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Struggling with NVR

Advice on 11 Plus NVR papers and problems

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Struggling with NVR

Post by Brijesh »

DS has been learning and practicing NVR (self-taught) slowly and steadily since the end of Year 3. Until the start of Year 5, he was consistently doing well, achieving high 90% with CGP and Bond books, but in more recent months we are seeing a decline in his performance. He is not applying the NVR principles and approaches that he was earlier. We thought maybe he is bored or tired, so we reduced the NVR practice to 1 paper per week, but that hasn’t changed anything. Any advice?

PS. He isn’t showing any signs of burnout with other subjects. The NVR questions that he is getting wrong or unable to solve aren’t necessarily more complex.
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Re: Struggling with NVR

Post by JustOutside »

I'm not sure whether I'm the best person to reply, but I've noticed that nobody else has commented yet.

As you say he is not applying the NVR principles and approaches that he was earlier, perhaps this is the thing to focus on. Revise these with him, and then sit with him whilst he looks at a new NVR paper, and ask him to explain verbally what he is going to check. Eg "it can't be about shading, because x. It can't be about the number of sides, because y. It could be about the number of symbols, because z, but it could also be about rotation, because w..."

Also, I found it useful with my DD to go through the answers she got right as well as the ones she got wrong. How did she *know* it was that answer? Did she narrow it down to two and make a lucky guess? Did she get it right despite using the wrong reasoning to work it out?

Also, observe him working through a paper. Which questions took him a long time? Ask him to explain his thought process for those. See if there is a correlation between the quick answers and the right answers, and see if there are any trends as to which ones he struggles with.
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Re: Struggling with NVR

Post by manuwithsmile »

@justOutside - Very good Suggestion. Thanks
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