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Putting the proximity/convenience of these schools from where you live aside, why would you prefer Wycombe High above Beaconsfield High and vice versa? I have visited both the schools and I am in love with both of them. Having read reviews on other forums and from the parents of current students in both schools, the only differences I have understood are that Wycombe High has better pastoral care. Beaconsfield High girls are more cliquey and that there’s been some mention of ‘you got to fit the mould’ (not clear what that means). Is this true?
Would love to hear from someone who has had any good/bad experiences with either schools.
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Re: WHS vs BHS

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I didn't have children at either school, but I know many children who have been through BHS, but I don't know anyone who has had children at both.
I think it's down to what is right for your child.
I know girls who have been very happy there & absolutely thrived, and others who have been utterly miserable - presumably that is the case for most schools..
It does seem to suit a particular type of girl - confident, sociable etc, what you might think of as the alpha girls at primary school. Perhaps less so for the quirky type. There are reports of eating disorders and mental health issues but I don't believe for a minute that it's not the case for most schools.
Hopefully someone with experience of both schools (& more recent experience) will come along soon.
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Re: WHS vs BHS

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I have children at BHS and have some years of experience. For the most part, it IS an excellent school and on balance, I believe my girls are lucky to have gone there (although this is mostly down to individual teachers). I think it is fair to say that it is dominated in an unhelpful and potentially unhealthy way by popular, alpha-girl types. That isn't to say 'other' girls can't get on well but it can be really frustrating and marginalising for them.

The previous headteacher, Rachel Smith, was excellent and really improved teaching & learning among other things. I don't know what to make of the new head but some things are making me nervous. For example, given that the word 'pastoral' was mentioned, I would say that up until fairly recently I thought the pastoral care was improving and becoming very good, however, I am unhappy with the direction the new pastoral lead seems to be taking things or to be more accurate, the attitude that is shown to pupils. The new lead reminds me of a 'pastoral lead' at another school who'd been a police officer. She was just petty and awful and came across as if she didn't like children at all and was always suspicious of them and their motives. I am in favour of strict rules and consequences but I think you can hold children to account while being supportive and respectful, or at least that should be your default initial approach. I really hope they change tack on this one.

I have no idea about WHS but, as you gathered most people's advice would likely be, I'd send your daughter to the easiest school for you/her to get to.
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