EHCP + grammar schools advises

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EHCP + grammar schools advises

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My child has EHCP.
He passed 11+ Kent with highest score and Sutton Grammar School 11+ with pass mark.
As he has EHCP LA asked me to fill up their form with only 3 schools on a list without ranking them as there is no priority for them.
So I chose Dartford Grammar School as our score was really high but we are not in catchment area, Sutton Grammar school as he passed the test and St Olaves as he passed first stage, he will have 2 stage in November.
I received an email from the LA that they have contacted these schools and also put the school of their choice, which is really bad.
My question is what chances my son has to get to Dartford Grammar School or Sutton Grammar School, taking on account that he passed test but we are out of catchment area and also he has EHCP. Can LA just give him any school?
Thank you
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Re: EHCP + grammar schools advises

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Hiya. Where do you actually live, which LA is it you reside in?

With ECHP, if the EHCP names the school needed it sometimes bypasses the 11 plus process, but depends on the admissoon polucy of the school: so the first thing to say is check your LA authority’s rules about how they handle EHCP related admissoons. Ask your current school if the EHCP can be amended to name the school (Dartford Grammar if that’s the school you want).

then check the admission critria online for the school you want and how THEY handle EHCP admissoons: check with your desired first choice school (Dartford) whether they are lilely to give a space to your DC on March 1st if the EHCP does not name them.

If the EHCP doesn’t name the school as necessary/best fit for your child’s needs (and the school may decide it’s not the best one for him if it’s a long way away) , and all the other schools you have named have no place for him either, then yes, the Lical Authority can allocate him any school they want, which will likely be a less popular/failing one, as it will have spaces.

this is why EVERYONE even with an EHCP child should always name a back up non selective school they are in cachement/more likely to get
If you don’t like it lots, it’s better than a sink/unpopular allocation that you didn’t choose…..

If this does happen and your three GS choices are rejected, you can appeal on March 1st , see the appeal boards regarding this.

but you need to look at the EHCP and see if it names the school first as that will help you check your options.
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