Understanding the 11+ Results

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Understanding the 11+ Results

Post by Jupiter1 »

I am trying to get some context around my child's result. Fortunately, he has achieved the 121 required for Grammar School.
I have some questions that you may be able to shed some light on.

- What is the maximum that can be achieved in this test?
- He is an August-born and hence the youngest in his cohort. Are there any indications on how much of a score uplift he would have received for this?
- The email states his Weighted Standardized scores for Verbal, Maths and Non-Verbal. Do we know what the max score for each of these is?

Thanks in advance.
scary mum
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Re: Understanding the 11+ Results

Post by scary mum »

If he scored 121 or over it really doesn't matter what he scored - scores don't seem to be related to how well they do at grammar school.
There is some discussion about scores on the Bucks scores thread at the top of this section here. Previously Bucks have included the minimum & maximum standardised scores in the letter, presumably not this year?
There is no "uplift" for an August birthday, it's simply that each child's scores are standardised against others born in the same month. If all the August born children score very highly they may not need a lower raw score to achieve the same standardised score. Usually, however, younger children may need a slightly lower raw score to achieve the magic 121.
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Re: Understanding the 11+ Results

Post by Aethel »

As scarymum says, the “raw” marks are not released.
so you don’t know how many “out of ***” they got, it’s not documented.

The breakdown is to let you know how relatively well they performed to the rest of the cohort. When Bucks was CEM I think they used to reveal the lowest and highest achieved standardised scores, but it’s really not relevent as not a single Bucks school has any score based places.

Getting over 130 for any section is impressive, getting over 130 for all sections especially so. But that’s all it is: an “oo, good job, kid”. these exams are not meant to be aced. they are there to sift the more capable pupils. is there a particular reason it matters to you?
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