Kendrick Sixth form vs Holt

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Kendrick Sixth form vs Holt

Post by readingmummy786 »

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has any experiences of Kendrick sixth form vs Holt? I would appreciate a comparison or any insight into the following areas in particular:
- support with the UCAS process
- predicted grades
- support with teaching and with queries the children have (ie how accessible the teachers are when a child is finding a subject hard)
- class sizes
- environment within the school and how the girls get along
My DD doesn’t currently study at Kendrick or Holt so I’m not too sure how the sixth form works. I’m more interested in learning more about the Holt as my older daughter went to Kendrick but this was a few years ago and I know things change! I have heard there is a issue with a little meanness amongst the girls at the Holt, and my daughter is quite introverted.

Finally before I sign off, just wondering if there is a bug difference in sending your child to a grammar vs state sixth form? How have people found the experiences, especially coming from a comp before?

Thank you all!!
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Re: Kendrick Sixth form vs Holt

Post by Tinkers »

I don’t know much about the Holt in terms of sixth form as such. We looked at it briefly but at the time it seemed like they didn’t take on very many extra for sixth form so the chances of getting a place were slim to none for DD. I’m not sure if that has changed. Tbh DD wasn’t keen on moving anywhere else for sixth form anyway, she wanted to stay at Kendrick.

Kendrick take on a substantial number for sixth form so those joining are not in a small minority by any means and the school do their best to make sure the new girls feel integrated as quickly as possible. DD made friends with several new girls.

DD got plenty of support for the UCAS. They seem pretty good/realistic with predicted grades. They warn parents they won’t bow to any pressure to up predicted grades just so girls can get uni offers. They want the unis to see their predicted grades in a good light. Most teachers are easily accessible. They encourage girls to get involved with all aspects of school life, like music, sport, drama, form prefects for younger years etc. DD was a school student librarian.

We found the pastoral support was good too.
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