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Crossley heath Vs Heckmondwike Grammar

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Crossley heath Vs Heckmondwike Grammar

Post by Abutate »

Wondering if someone can shed some light on Choosing between Crossley vs Heck.

Both are same distance with no commute related issues. D loves both with hard to choose for her too.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Crossley heath Vs Heckmondwike Grammar

Post by Starmum »

Heard fab things about heckmondwike… shame I’m further away. My nieces were there and loved it.
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Re: Crossley heath Vs Heckmondwike Grammar

Post by Thewaitinggame »

You may be a neighbour as we’re equidistant from both! Hecky’s results are better than Crossleys. My friend’s son went there and got great results but didn’t particularly enjoy it. Our preference was Crossleys and never regretted it. The yellow buses to Crossleys are expensive but very reliable. Public transport to Hecky was one of the factors that led us to choose the Calderdale school as the bus was known to be frequently late (although that may not be a factor in your decision making).

Although Heckmondwike has higher average scores, on an individual level there are plenty of children with high scores at Crossleys. My daughter loves it (and the bus journey!).

Good luck with your decision!
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Re: Crossley heath Vs Heckmondwike Grammar

Post by mum-of-two »

I know I am a bit late in the process to give my opinion but as a parent with one child at Crossley's and another at Hecky I thought my views may help other parents who are yet to make this decision (maybe next year)

My son is very analytical and has thrived at Crossleys. I didn't have a lot of confidence in the old head and felt that post covid she just coasted until retirement. However, the new Head is amazing and in the short time he has been at the school there is a definite buzz among teachers and pupils (and parents). I imagine that there are going to be some positive changes in the next 6 months. My son's only bug bear was that he had to do a language at GCSE (he hates languages)! All his other subjects played to his maths/Engineering/Comp Science areas of interest. He loves it there and is planning to do his A levels there as he loves his teachers and the new head.

My daughter didn't pass for Halifax grammars but did for Hecky (this was at a time when NVR wasn't taken). She therefore goes to Hecky. Now logistical issues aside (son walks to school, daughter gets train and bus) Hecky is the right school for my DD. It has a lot more choice in regards to creative subjects such as drama and DT and includes Business Studies which Crossley's didn't offer. Also a language wasn't a compulsory option at options stage (also not a languages person). She has chosen more humanities/business/DT than DS and that suits her interests and abilities. BTW Head at Hecky is fab - a very 'present' head.

Now, I appreciate (especially with a new head at Crossley's) that curriculum can change but I'd look closely at curriculum that each offers and where your child's interest/abilities lie.

Another factor to consider - Crossley's don't do options til year 10, Hecky its year 9 - so 2 or 3 years on focused GCSE's. (I believe NHGS is 2 years also).

All information correct as at April 24!
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Re: Crossley heath Vs Heckmondwike Grammar

Post by Mum by the mast »

Thanks, Mum-of-two, this is really helpful. My son will be sitting for both Crossley Heath and Heckmondwike this September. I have been following Crossley Heath on FB and they seem to have an up beat and positive approach. I really like Crossley's focus on wellbeing and their pastoral team looks quite extensive. I hadn't realised you had to take a language at Crossleys, that will not go down well!! Tech, maths and science for my DS.
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