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Eltham or Colfes

Independent Schools as an alternative to Grammar

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Eltham or Colfes

Post by isariera »

Hi all

In light of offers having been received for the above schools today, I would like to hear your views on each school.

Colfes seems to be on the rise academically, but, will this continue?

We have a daughter, and the boys/girls ratio at Eltham is a concern.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you!
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Re: Eltham or Colfes

Post by fruitpop »


I see that you posted a while ago on this. I wondered whether you could say where you chose in the end and whether you are happy with the choice? Also, out of interest, was there much difference with the level required for the entrance tests?

We are just embarking on our 11+ journey and these schools are in our top three to target so looking for any feedback!

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Re: Eltham or Colfes

Post by hermanmunster »

Hi fruitpop and welcome to the forum :D

The OP on this thread hasn't been active for some time so may not see your post - you could sent a private message as they may get an email notification that there is a message waiting for them
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