ADHD adjustment / support within Essex particularly KEGs

Advice on Special Needs and the 11 Plus Exams

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ADHD adjustment / support within Essex particularly KEGs

Post by Sugarplumfairy82 »

Hi there, I'm looking for anyone with recent or past experience of having a child with ADHD and anxiety sit the 11+ within Essex, particularly with KEGs in mind. My son has ADHD & is part way through a formal NHS diagnosis (ongoing for 3 years+). We've had the initial diagnosis but are waiting for the QB test still, I'm not sure if this will happen before the 28th June deadline, so have to assume it won't. I will ask the school for a supporting letter with regards to adjustments and allowances that they have in place for my son at his school - fidget toys, sitting at the front, regular breaks etc etc, support for anxiety. I'll also provide any recent medical letters from his paediatrician.

Will this be enough to secure him special considerations? I'm thinking at the very least he'll be able to sit in the front, or in a quiet area if he's feeling stress. I'd love to think he could also have extra time if needed, but am guessing this might be unlikely given he only occasionally gets extra time at school.

He's a very intelligent boy and does well academically, so there's no doubt in my mind that he should sit the test, but I wonder how likely it is they'll make any special arrangements for him, and am looking for advise to best secure these arrangements if possible.

Many thanks in advance
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Re: ADHD adjustment / support within Essex particularly KEGs

Post by hermanmunster »

Have you seen this info re special arrangements? - they mention being able to sit at the front but suspect might be difficult to get extra breaks or extra time ... -Entry.pdf
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Re: ADHD adjustment / support within Essex particularly KEGs

Post by 2Socks »

I know I'm late to this and from a different area, but my son is awaiting diagnosis for ASD and ADHD. We didn't ask for extra time, but we did request movement breaks...see my previous post in this sub. We and the school both pointed out that he stands up to work sometimes, then sits then he disturbs other pupils in normal lessons (he now sits at the back to avoid that issue in class) but also there was a very good chance that the invigilator or other kids would think he was trying to cheat.
I know ADHD presents differently for different kids, but if this is an issue for your child, it may be worth mentioning. I was very concerned that he would be kicked out of the test for cheating when he wasn't.
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