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Bishops pass mark.

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Bishops pass mark.

Post by hopefulmum2 »

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what is happening to the pass mark at Bishop Wordsworth this year as the girls grammar has already said 72% is a pass mark but I can't find any details about Bishops. They only have a newsletter saying that ideally they don't want a long waiting list (or one at all?) and so they won't be setting their passmark in conjunction with the girl's school.
Does this mean that they are going to wait and see and set the passmark afterwards (ie just take the top 120 scores) or will they just set a higher pass mark?
Can anyone shed some light on this?
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Re: Bishops pass mark.

Post by Walnut »

I too would be interested in this. I *think* that we should hear when we get sent the exam details next week?

We will find out soon enough as it is rapidly approaching. Too rapid for my liking, I feel like I'm taking my GCSEs all over again and haven't done enough revision!
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