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CEM Vocabulary

CEM 11 Plus is the selective entrance exam administered by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring, Department of Education, University of Durham.

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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by Success999 »

I have used http://www.cram.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; for making flashcards
It is free, easy to use and printer friendly. Hope it helps.
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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by gazzag »

Thanks. That looks just the job. I'll have a play a bit later and let you know how I did.
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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by Brainfreeze »

Does anyone know if any enterprising soul has input Patricia's word lists into cram.com already?

Just thought I would check before launching myself into the task!
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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by Daogroupie »

Oh my goodness Success999. I am in heaven! Thank you Thank you. Just the job for GCSEs. DG
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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by Awesomeanshi »

This information is helpful indeed. There is no limit to the words that one can learn or should learn. Finding it overwhelming and stressful as there are no boundaries. Tx
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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by WorriedRuby »

does any one know under which subject CEM flash cards are? I tried searching CEM on cram.com and search result is too long.

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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by Stokers »

Success999, thank you for this link. Have used this tonight to start a flashcard set for DD and it is really easy to use. DD is going to be thrilled, I'm sure :?
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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by cleo »

Also try Quizlet for 11 plus vocabulary. There are games as well as flash cards to help your DC learn new vocabulary.
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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by nyr »

Thanks Patricia and Sosalou for the vocab list.

Is there any indication that tricky words that have appeared in earlier years have been reused in later years?

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Re: CEM Vocabulary

Post by Petitpois »


BTW cut and paste all the word in to an excel spreadsheet so that each word is in a distinct cell of it's on at then save the file as CSV file.

Then use mail merge functionality to print you of loads of lovely free flash cards.

get that laminator out of the attic
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